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  1. For Sale is a sealed MXPX box set. $440 shipped. If you live in Orange County, CA and can do a local pick up I will drop the price. Thanks!!!
  2. Thanks for the input. Yeah, I provided tracking to paypal so it does show this was delivered. I also bought the shipping through paypal so hope that helps toclears me on my end as well.
  3. Just had a case open against me by a discogs buyer. He filed an unauthorized use with their credit card or bank. The item was already shows received from tracking. New user on discogs. I feel like I have seen this scammer talked about on here. Anyway, at this point I have no recourse so just throwing this guys name out there so no one else gets scammed. Hopefully I don't lose both the record and the money since I have tracking showing this delivered. Discogs username: _alexforster Name: Alex Forster Email: bush94gmail.com Lives in NC
  4. Damn, got distracted and missed on the UO this morning. Hope it pops up again. I did just preorder from Deepdiscount so at least I could get a vinyl copy. https://www.deepdiscount.com/dedicated-side-b/602507201586
  5. Almost had me....but I couldn't even load any pages of records for sale (except for the link above). Their website has been sketchy for the pass couple of months. I almost re-upped when the QOTSA was released, but the website was not working then either. I'm a sucker for exclusives, but I'm going to try and support LOCAL records stores instead.
  6. Fuck, didn't see this post til after i placed an order a couple of weeks ago. Opened and escalated a paypal claim and waiting for it to get resolved. Only ordered bc i still had credit from canceling a previous order last year. Someone on interpunk canceled my payment and put refunded on there but never actually sent the funds. Wtf.
  7. Actually tried to sign up again for the QOTSA and something else and their system wouldnt let me pay. By the time they fixed the record was sold out. Lame. F them. Not going to try anymore.
  8. Stickfigure will send media mail. You have to pay with the priority shipping and ask them for media mail then they will refund the difference. I emailed them bc shipping was like 36 dollars when i added one of the other bundles. Ended up being $5 for media.
  9. Same here. I have the older press so dragged, but heard the remaster sounded better. Oh wells
  10. Ugh ordered from ROG...I sent them an email and they said they are trying to catch up after a move
  11. Damn i impulse bought this thinking it would sell out. I wonder if i can cancel my order...