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  1. The covers didn't come in time for the record release, so we spray painted the date on the back of the inserts and stamped them with an AL4W stamp and numbered them out of 50. The black version with blank labels is /30. The band hit me up for more records for their tour and I didn't have time to stamp the labels.
  2. Best Practices rules. Life and Limb does as well. Sounds like a wild Lowell show.
  3. No one else saved this? I have it on my old pc but that shit is all messed up.
  4. It was like a year or two back. Anyone still have this scanned?
  5. Great Lakes USA is the other band greatlakes.bandcamp.com/
  6. First Providence/Boston, then the world.
  7. Looks like the Masthead ep will actually be a one sided 12". Too much shredding for a 7" to handle.
  8. Special project in the works with Tor Johnson records. Probably out fall 2012???