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  1. There are sooooooo many stronger records in the genre than DT!RT! (including the one this topic is about) but hey, to each their own. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I have an original pressing I grabbed for around $30 shipped within the last year but given the alternate artwork, if any of the variants are particularly neat I might just double dip. Regardless it's cool that this will be more readily available to those that want it in their collection.
  3. Grabbed a tour press the other night so needless to say I won't be needing the 180g Black I just got shipping confirmation for. Lemme know if anyone's looking for a copy! Would prefer to sell at cost + shipping but may be open to trading for something neat.
  4. AOTY potential goes without saying as far as I'm concerned.
  5. One of my absolute favorite releases of the year so far. Shawn is an exceptionally nice fella and Middle Man's releases are always such a great thing to behold all around. Can't wait to see how the packaging for this comes out.
  6. Was told a while back that a repress of this was in the works (with the band involved, obviously) and would have included certain bonuses I was excited to see happen. Sad to see this may have derailed those plans.
  7. Grabbed a deluxe the other week and am thoroughly impressed. One of my favorite releases of the year all around!
  8. That's a stupid good deal for that Algernon record. Silly that no one has hopped on that yet.
  9. I'm guessing you mean that Underdark repress? I've been meaning to but I just took a real big hit crossing off a few big things off my list (Saetia, Hot Cross, and City of Caterpillar namely) so I should probably limit my spending. Should really get around to that though... Thanks buddy, I appreciate it! Know this will be a longstanding endeavor but it should be a fun ride haha. That's awesome! Would definitely love to see pictures of what you've gotten so far sometime if you ever have the time, sounds impressive! I'm honestly not too choosy about variant collecting outside of certain favorites, just happy to have a listening copy of this or that you know? I appreciate the tip though buddy! Hahahaha, feel free to shoot me a link so I can give that a listen pal!
  10. Excited to finally own Drown on vinyl but there's lots of other cool stuff on here too. Neat!
  11. Feeling real in the mood to get some trading done, and I'm generally interested in just about anything "skramz-y" I don't have. Maybe I'll compile a list of artists I'm particularly interested in later but for now just let me know what you've got! Here's my DeadFormat: https://deadformat.net/collection/JacktownJim Admittedly I'm probably too attached to too many things on my tradelist so things not on the FS/FT section might be a bit tougher to get me to part with but it never hurts to ask. Hit me up!