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  1. Sadly there is some more there I need but I got lazy typing them out. Hoping someone has some of these they can offer up!
  2. Hello all, I am looking to continue to add-onto my Jimmy Eat World and The Get Up Kids collections and I am looking for a whole bunch of the 7" (not full-lengths). Does anyone have a more than 2-3 in their collection that would be able to share? I am looking to buy from one seller rather than multiple. Here's a snippet of what I am looking for: Jimmy Eat World / Christie Front Drive - Split Jimmy Eat World - One, Two, Three, Four Jimmy Eat World - Opener Jimmy Eat World / Emery Jimmy Eat World - Call it in the Air Jimmy Eat World - In the Same Ro
  3. bump still have a bunch of these.
  4. Updated: $13 and I will ship you up to 4 records. Will ship this week!
  5. Anyone interested? Please? I don't want them to go to waste.
  6. Hi, For $13 I will ship any (4) records to you (US only). Please respond with what you would like I can start shipping by mid-week. I would really love to clean house. If you want more than (4) records please consider this a second package as I wouldn't want to put more than 4 records in a box if possible. Let me know any questions: Allman Brothers Band - Beginnings Altered Images - Pinky Blue Babys, The - Broken Hea
  7. Bump. Let me know if interested in any its been a while :-)
  8. Hi all, Not sure if you can help - but my girlfriend bought a U-Turn record player. She has a receiver and was looking into getting bluetooth speakers rather than wired ones. I don't have much knowledge of how the bluetooth works - any recommendations for speaker set-up that is bluetooth enabled? Do I need to figure out the receiver type? I am trying to be sneaky as I'd like to buy this as a gift so let me know if anyone needs more info!
  9. Still selling...please help me get these out of my hands.

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