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  1. Man, possibly another Wrestlemania without Rollins. That really sucks if that happens.
  2. I fell asleep before Joe came out last night but I am pretty excited to have him on Raw. I love the idea of him and Brock maybe crossing paths some day. I am sure him vs Reigns will be a logical feud also.
  3. In all seriousness guys, thanks for participating in the Rumble pool this year. Even if Orton would have been eliminated, it was still giving me a reason to be more invested for the match itself. I forgot how much it made the ppv more enjoyable. I will make sure to organize it sooner next year also. Maybe we can keep the thread going a bit better too. I will definitely try and comment more often also.
  4. Normally I wouldn't have rooted for Orton. I compare this to how people must have felt with having Roman, Sheamus, or Batista win for them. I was really shocked that Joe didn't debut tonight.
  5. I have never been so excited to see Braun Strowman
  6. I hope you guys still think fondly of me after #23 wins the Rumble tonight!
  7. True. I guess I would rather it be safe than one of DIY ending up on the shelf for a few months.
  8. Does anyone else hate The Authors of Pain's double powerbomb? The dinking of their opponents' backs just makes it look silly to me.