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  1. Was able to get that new splatter at Furnace Fest for $20 due to a creased spine. Was shocked it was still in the discount bin by the time I got inside.
  2. There was absolutely not a limit, when I picked up a copy for a friend they asked "Only one?"
  3. Or just continue to wait? I love supporting this label, so I'm keeping all my current PO's active through Topshelf. Hell, that money is already long gone out of my bank account. I'm sure they will have a flood of cancellation emails, and that is just added stress to an already shitty situation. Hoping the best for Kevin, Seth, and the crew, but this will take time and money to get sorted out. All we can do right now is continue to be patient, help spread the word, and if able, donate to their Kickstarter.
  4. This fuckin' sucks dude https://www.topshelfrecords.com/
  5. I'm fine either way, if you want to go now or give it 24 hours.
  6. Just shoot me a message when you need payment/information!
  7. I'd be in for the group buy! Eyeing the Clear Vinyl w/ Marbled Grimace Purple variant.
  8. Oh damn, my store had someone come in and spray paint all over the Pride merchandise. People are crazy.
  9. Not surprised my local Targets have marked this down to $6.98 on clearance.
  10. Ended up grabbing The White Stripes, Jack White, Rise Against, Tom Petty, Marvin Gaye, and John Coltrane at work for $65 after my discounts.
  11. Missed out on Black Screen Records restock of Hades earlier, really hope that gets repressed.
  12. Same here. To those who have it, are the note and insert separate or one?