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  1. I've been enjoying Remnant From The Ashes and Monster Hunter World Iceborne.
  2. I work at Target, and since the website is not bringing up the listing easily, I wanted to post the DPCI in here. Call your store and give a team member this number(012-06-1529). They can check their stock along with surrounding stores.
  3. Just a heads up that Target is having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale this week, while it does not include Red Dead Redemption 2 and first party Switch games, it does work on some pre-orders through their website. Pre-orders included: Ace Combat 7 Anthem Battlefield V Biomutant Call Of Cthulhu Code Vein Darksiders III Days Gone Death Stranding Doom: Eternal Fallout 76 Hitman 2 Jump Force Just Cause 4 Kingdom Hearts III Metro Exodus Rage 2 Resident Evil 2 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Spyro Reignited Trilogy Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Wolfenstein: Youngblood
  4. Still hoping for a Best Of The Bees press one day.
  5. I debated it a lot yesterday, but ended up buying an Xbox One S for $198 after all my discounts at work. I doubt I'll use it much, since I still have a ton of games to play on my PS4, but I picked up Rare Replay on clearance and Red Dead Redemption on sale today.
  6. Almost at light level 380, and might get to go through my first run of the raid tomorrow night. Had a ton of fun with Iron Banner this week, but haven't touched Trials yet. Would love to get to the lighthouse, but pretty certain that'll never happen, since it never did in Year 2. Overall I'm enjoying ROI more than I thought I would.
  7. Starting to jump back in this to stock up on a few things for Rise of Iron!
  8. I grabbed The Handsome Collection when it was $15 a few weeks back. I never played a single Borderlands game before this, but I'm enjoying the shit out of Borderlands 2. Already to Sanctuary on Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode and 4 trophies away from platinum!
  9. Use destinycalcifiedfragments.com if you want to go for the Touch of Malice, I only ever use it in the raid though.
  10. Got my platinum a few weeks ago, and decided to take a break with this game until the spring update.