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  1. I agree with you. The gold was 500 than 750. Now the picture disc number is removed. Who knows if the GITD is only 500 out of 5000.
  2. nycmale

    Posting a Picture

  3. Just took some pics and will post on here now. There was no poster with the glow in the dark vinyl. Curious to see if other people received a poster with theirs, or even with a black vinyl. Maybe all GITD variants dont come with the poster, and some are with the black vinyl copies. I guess time will tell
  4. Will do. Work has been hectic so I couldn't bust it out yet but Ill take some pics tonight and post to the board.
  5. Went to my local today and picked up 2 copies of the mystery vinyl. Got lucky and one of them was the glow in the dark variant. Gonna spin it tonight!
  6. nycmale

    PO (Soon): Pearl Jam - LP11

    They just released some more of those empty vinyl boxes for the first 10 studio albums if anyone is interested. I know they sold out quick last year when they initially put them up for sale: https://pearljam.com/shop/featured-items/pearl-jam-vinyl-storage-box-only
  7. nycmale

    Smashing Pumpkins

    I don't see where it says limited to 1500. I see the violet box set says limited to 2000 on the label site
  8. Pretty good price for the coke bottle clear: https://www.indiemerch.com/clutch/item/64314