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  1. Awesome! I ordered one myself. Up the Irons!!
  2. I must have missed when they added more. Saw it was limited to 100 and sold out when I checked.
  3. Signed poster must have sold out instantly limited to 100
  4. No need to apologize! Thought maybe there was a silver variant I needed to try and pick up. Happy there isnt. lol
  5. Did they have a silver variant? I though it was clear like the US one. Thanks!!
  6. I believe this is the last of the 3. I picked up the indie exclusive and it had 3 post cards inside and the art on the post cards was the same art as the pic discs.
  7. Doesnt say limited in the description but looks like there are less than 400 left in stock and it went up for sale this morning so I am assuming it is a run of 1000 like the other 2 picture discs.
  8. Sorry about that, probably was 1 or 2 as it went super quick
  9. Looks like 2 so far: https://brucespringsteenstore.com/products/letter-to-you-exclusive-colored-vinyl https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34735479/bruce-springsteen-letter-to-you-indie-exclusive-gray-vinyl-2lp
  10. Cool! It says gatefold in the description but they look like picture discs in plastic?.