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  1. Updated with prices. If they seem high, its cause of shipping. Multiples means better deals!
  2. Long time, no talk! To make this brief, some of you may recognize me from a few years back. To others, I used to post frequently on these boards. Unfortunately, record collecting became too expensive of a hobby as postage went up and I pursued different life goals. My records have largely sat unlistened to for the past couple of years. I know that others can get more value out of them than I currently do. I'll be buying my first home in the next few months and the money will be better served for that purpose. I figured I'd give you all the chance to buy these before I moved to o
  3. Hey guys, I'm no longer in this pool but I've started another one with some friends. It's $25 with very similar rules to this one. We currently have eight members, so it would be nice to get a couple more. The draft is tonight at 7:00 PT. If anyone is interested let me know!
  4. I'll take Links Awakening if you're willing to send to Canada. Should be cheap in a tiny bubble mailer.
  5. Fairly close. I havent taken off the things that sold but fire me a message and I'll let you know.
  6. Bump. Gunna head over to eBay soon but I want you all to have the first chance
  7. Long time no talk! Long story short, I can't afford to collect record anymore with shipping costs being so expensive. Feel free to make offers on my list in my sig. I'm willing to offer up some good deals but remember that shipping is around $10 for a single record UPDATE: I've added prices to some stuff. They DO NOT include shipping. We'll figure out shipping via PM but hopefully these serve as a good starting point and I'll add more pricing tomorrow to the rest of it. I probably won't sell stuff that isn't listed but feel free to try me. Athletics - Why Aren't I Home | 1st Press | A-Sea Bl
  8. Not really "fucked up". The teams wasn't supposed to make the playoffs this year. They're in a regression and Calgary played their hearts out.

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