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  1. Soooo does anyone ever think this Team Sleep live album gets repressed? Also any info on why the Team Sleep album was never pressed to vinyl?
  2. That packaging looks amazing. This is my first IIOI record and I’m pretty stoked about it. I am picking up the half clear/cream from my local record store.
  3. Man I wanna hear this. Somebody make that happen
  4. Just ordered graveyard. Been waiting for you to get this. So stoked to have that record. Thanks!
  5. Any idea how much you will be selling these for?
  6. I wanna know what's up with the repress and if it will be available in the USA. This album rules
  7. Got this off their site. Also we are compiling some material for a new CD of B-sides, demos, alternate versions, and other unreleased tracks, AND a DVD containing all of our videos in HD, along with an unreleased video for the track "Pliable Foe" previously released on our split 12" with the Melvins. That would bum me out if this live album is the last isis vinyl.
  8. Where can I get this for a decent price? Anyone know anywhere in th US that will have the repress?
  9. what's up with the unreleased material they were talking about putting out?
  10. Ok so the record sleeve is not the best in the world. I got this from thrill jocky in about 5 days. Arrived in pretty good shape. Small bend on bottom right corner. Got it on black vinyl. Records are super thick. Seems like its almost more then 180 gram. Sounds awesome and is such a killer set list. I'm pleased with my purchase. I am just missing live IV and I will have them all. This will probably be my favorite of the live series. Although the Tom Neely version of live V is pretty boss. Can't stress enought how bad it is to have a career spanning live album from ISIS. Just wish they would do one more live album from the farewell tour with wavering radient material on it.
  11. Omni is awesome. Fuck the haters. Seeing them for free in charleston SC tomorrow.
  12. New Mutants #98 (Marvel) First Deadpool. Original cover price $1.50. Market price $95. $79 last February. Sweet one of my comics is worth something