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  1. I too joined the Hopeless club a few days ago, specifically for this release. Worth it. Glad to see Dragged Across The Finish Line is on there. Deanna doesn't miss!!
  2. They're back! Bought the /200 twist and the beach shirt! Fuck yeah!!!!
  3. Sad to say goodbye to the SkyTigers era, but stoked to hear this album! This band rips!
  4. I missed the white vinyl because I'm lazy, but thankfully that Malort color looks as delicious as the drink!
  5. I'd like to jump in on this as well. If there's a good samiratan that decides to help the OP (and if there's an extra), I've been searching desperately for a copy of The Weepies!
  6. Hey all, I'm looking for some Larry Arms stuff. Primarily any old stickers. But I'm also looking for a keychain. I know Interpunk had them for a while, but I never hopped on it and now it's too late. So, if you've got either keychain design and don't want it anymore... Hit me up!
  7. Hi! I had bought these tickets and then stupidly bought tickets to a soccer game on the same day. Asking for a little less than what I paid for them. $45 each, only sold as a pair. Tickets are e-tix pdf! Or, if you've got tickets to the Saturday 6/4 show and want to trade, I'm down for that too!

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