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  1. did anyone order an extra copy of the yellow mix vinyl (the second krm eu excl) that went up after the original that they want to part with ? its the only variant i need
  2. fucking variants trying to figure out if this one is different to the original /500 that was up on the euro site https://uk.kingsroadmerch.com/bad-religion/view/?id=14796&cid=1526
  3. no its a US punk rock band formed in 1980 called Bad Religion
  4. Looking for bad religion records let me know what you have for sale. UK/EU sellers preferred as im in UK myself thanks
  5. yes i can second this they send in better mailers now at banquet
  6. yea uk indie is 200 UK Indie - Tri Stripped Blood Red, Sea Blue, Highligher Yellow
  7. listing has been updated there is uk indie and regular on the site https://www.banquetrecords.com/masked-intruder/iii/PNE228 @IanRees is there a picture of the uk indie anywhere?
  8. people overseas in America can order this from No Time Records Store here: http://notimerecords.storenvy.com/products/23669433-the-infested-raw-ensemble-lp and save some $$$ on shipping
  9. Third album from The Infested - Raw Ensemble is now up for preorder PRE ORDER LINK: http://www.ehcrecords.bandcamp.com 250 copies on Colour Vinyl FFO: Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, No-Ca$h etc you can check out the first song 'Believe' here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay8Q9W2lX4M
  10. if you want a blue there is a blue indie exclusive here in the UK: https://www.banquetrecords.com/pennywise/never-gonna-die/8714092759334 or the smoke variant is still available on the kingsroad eu store
  11. im @punkvinylarchive im doing a punk rock vinyl challenge in feb would be cool if some people jumped on it