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  1. Album grew on me hard. Though I can't believe Hold Up A Light made it onto this.. oof. Blood on Blood is one of their best songs to date imo
  2. Stoked for the Vitus show. Stoked for the new Daughters. Lesssgoooooo
  3. Samples sound better than half of Dusk in Us, imo. Don't get me wrong, I love that record, but I felt it was a step below All We Love
  4. Ayyy I've been wanting to cop this for awhile. Good looks
  5. For some reason I can't stand how the drums sound on Honeycomb. The kick in particular just irks me. I think I still prefer Sunbather's production overall. That being said, the new song fucking rules, and +1 to that tour with Envy being dope. Excited to see them again this summer
  6. The artwork/visual direction is the best part of this album
  7. jamdbz

    PO Now: A Lot Like Birds - Plan B

    Ughhh bummed I missed this
  8. jamdbz

    various download codes

    No problem! Happy that these files will find a nice home
  9. jamdbz

    various download codes

    Found a bunch of these while cleaning today: Dillinger Escape Plan relapserecords.bandcamp.com/yum Miss Machine - tk4s-jvd4 Calculating Infinity - t54f-j8lq Every Time I Die dropcards.com/vinyl Low Teens - 6YDTWQGVG9 Touche Amore dropcards.com/vinyl Stage Four - PTFDYH9C6Y Blacklisted deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl When People Grow, People Go - 282-15747LRT2Q0 Cult Leader deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl Lightless Walk - 317-64WYB02J5 Fugazi dischord.com/redeem_promo Repeater - avSX9Rk0yexO I have no idea what this one could be, someone let me know atozmedia.com/soundcard FH58683NA5
  10. Unless getting a numbered copy means it'll sound better than the unnumbered, then no.
  11. Hoping somebody here can compare to the OG pressing of this.
  12. Define The Great Line and onwards is top tier Underoath. Stoked for this. Also Cries of the Past always has a special place in my heart
  13. New track is fantastic. Instant preorder