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  1. Yeah it sure does look good! But my indie copy doesn’t not sound good at all. How does your copy sound?
  2. Less than 20 available for (III) and 40 left for (II).
  3. Well this sucks.. checked a little before 10am PST to see if they were up early, only got II and III. If anyone got an extra copy of (I) I would love to buy it.
  4. This is some BS, how can they say 10am PST and then sell the whole batch out before that? The Bronx just did the same thing with their vinyl. Both said they were going up at 10 am PST... wtf. So bummed.
  5. Received my bundle order today without the fucking vinyl.. great. And now they are all removed from merch now. I guess they all sold out?
  6. yeah, I'm sure they will. I still think its lame, though the tunes will kick ass. Its interesting how on The Fiancee the track list were phrases read in succession, One Wing had words read in succession, and now letters.
  7. will be waiting for the hot topic variant. Also that track list... dumb. A bunch of letters? Oh, but it spells regret not... cool "Dude, 'E' is my favorite song. I really hope they play it live." "Which one? E one or two?" EDIT: so jokingly critiquing a track list gets me down votes? hahaha wow.
  8. Same here! Deception was awesome. I don't get why they went back to a linear fighting style.
  9. went with the red. my copy does not sound very good.. anyone else notice the same?