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  1. Anyone willing to sell me where blood & fire, liberate, or self titled for a decent price?
  2. Looking for a vinyl copy of this split. Anyone got one they are wiling to sell?
  3. Hey! I have the 2xLP of TOCS/DTGL from their reunion tour and I want to trade it for seperate copies of both of those albums. I'm potentially willing to throw in another record, depending on the record! I am willing to trade the 2xLP for TOCS OR DTGL straight up, as well. Always down to negotiate! https://www.discogs.com/user/alex.macwilliam/collection
  4. I got the "Melted Noise" press at the show in Nashville. It's Half Black Half Brown with Black Splatter. According to discogs, it's limited of 250
  5. Would love to get a copy of Revolt Resist by Hundredth. Used is fine. Any press is fine. Thanks!
  6. I'm looking for EITHER the opposite of december OR the 2xLP combo of that and tear from the red. I am getting my groomsmen records for their presents and I need this record. It's barely on discogs and if it is, it's on for a million dollars, so help would be appreciated. THANKS!
  7. I know there is a misprinted version, I'm down to any version as long as it's in good condition. Have a budget of 150-200. I am getting it for my wife's b day. Thanks!
  8. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zZYnUuTqlH_ZdoHMOX3zrbjwqCsk2aBlMIDEwPSpWeY/edit That's my stuff. willing to trade or buy.
  9. Hey, I know it's pretty impossible to find One Wing for any less than 100 bones. I used to tour with them and I'm forever kicking myself for not trying harder to get it or just buying it online later. I never did because I didn't have record player at the time and now I do. So if anyone would be willing to take 50 bucks for it, maybe even 60, I'd be super grateful. Also, if anyone has any other cool Chariot merch (skate decks, posters, etc.), I'd be down to get some stuff too. -Alex
  10. 20 for the copeland record? and what color/press is the you fail me record?