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  1. Legit wondering if this is getting through customs for international orders due to the potpourri
  2. Cd arrived today. Am in New Zealand and I definitely wasn't in the first wave of orders for those still keeping track. Not mad at all
  3. Australia variant is back in stock
  4. dazzgj

    Brand New - Deja Entendu

    I can't believe how Shit that obese die cut looks
  5. It's $46 to ship one record to New Zealand from Hot Topic for some reason
  6. if anyone is buying for international customers , please put me down for a copy <3
  7. dazzgj

    PO: Title Fight - Floral Green

    In New Zealand, recieved mine early last week
  8. dazzgj

    FUN. RSD 10"

    also have stickers only. fuck my life
  9. dazzgj

    MTS-Blink TOYPAJ

    Lol @ SRC also getting called out by the band. Bet they're regretting being involved in the RJ shitshow
  10. "The Stephen Hawking" is fucking amazing
  11. dazzgj

    various download codes

    Transit - Listen and forgive dropcards.com/vinyl r7qv73q27y SA-Anarchy, my dear dropcards.com/vinyl 34496S9ZZ4 Brand New-YFW atozmedia.com/soundcard HR8T56AZ TBS-Tell all your friends victoryrecords.com/dl VR176672F596138
  12. They do and it does. If you emailed them and said it was a gift i'm sure they would fix that for you. Also this is such a solid fucking deal, free international shipping to boot
  13. dazzgj

    MTS-Blink TOYPAJ

    actually would bet good money that SRC bailed out MTS over this fuck up
  14. dazzgj

    Say Anything - is a real boy Repress (link)

    Of this repress: -white and olive splatter -white and red splatter -Blue -Red and possibly another colour for banquets imported copies but unlikely
  15. dazzgj

    Say Anything - is a real boy Repress (link)

    Lost my test press logging in, rookie mistake
  16. dazzgj

    The Third Man Records Thread

    nice. Random lottery or you bought it? Was one of the random mailers.
  17. dazzgj

    The Third Man Records Thread

    Received a tri color in the mail today, charlie bucket levels of excitement.
  18. Anyone received this at all??
  19. dazzgj

    MTS-Blink TOYPAJ

    That or these guys complained a la hipsterasfolk and a butthurt rj refunded them out of spite
  20. https://twitter.com/#!/DoghouseRecords/status/170216778029473792 Another reissue hint for you today..."I'm proud of my life and the things that I have done. Proud of myself and the loner I've become."
  21. Shop Radio Cast. Purchased a copy "neighborhoods" from their ebay account, as for some reason they charge less that way for international shipping than when ordering through the store. Paid on the 17/1 and have yet to receive. Sent numerous emails asking for them to look into this for me but have received no reply. Paypal claim opened, am hoping for the best.