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  1. I should be fine with any date/time for the draft
  2. Hah yeah naturally I screwed everything up and forgot to ask. All I know is Muscle Worship is out of their LP on vinyl and that both band's tees are $25 each. Sorry folks
  3. If I remember, I can ask the band at their show tonight? E: Though I imagine they won't have any, might be worth a shot
  4. Last I was there, Bastion was just opening and was a really great, social bar with good cocktails. Really fun layout in there. It was all alone in an industrial spot, but Google maps happens to show a few establishments around it now, for better or worse.
  5. Either works for me as long as it's settled in advance so I can notify work.
  6. I enjoy PIM and +/-, but not opposed to any category changes generally. It would be refreshing, as would PPP to PPG & PPA.
  7. I've got the 2014 repress of Funeral Diner - The Underdark that I could be persuaded to let go
  8. I'd sell Tree City Sessions if you're into it. PM if so