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  1. 25th is tough, 26th and 27th are good, but all are doable.
  2. I may have an outdated taste for music or a lack of music trend sustainability, but I have been waiting quite some time for this. It's not for everybody, but it is for somebody. "Featuring members of Celeste, Daïtro, Baton Rouge, Lost Boys, Pinku Saido & more" OR FFO: Daïtro, Sed Non Satiata, Loma Prieta, Ampere, etc. http://echocanyonrecords.com/produit/mihai-edrisch-un-jour-sans-lendemain/ Ahhhh refreshing French screamo....there's just nothing like it.
  3. Daaaaaaamn itttttt now's not the time to be getting rid of all this stuff for me. Are you still in Chicago? I would be interested in coming and flipping through this stuff. Might like some of the lautrec/beau navire/ lots of others. Sorry to see this collection scatter about, but cheers to your decision making.
  4. Hockey season encourages me to frequent vc more often. Glad to be in again. As far as payouts, I guess 3rd place is preferred rather than 1st place regular season, but I think it matters very little. I snuck ahead to look at draft order and keepers, though I know it's a little early. Anyone know if that draft order is correct? And has a deadline for keepers submission been set?
  5. Please learn to use the S E A R C H F U N C T I O N. It is quite lovely
  6. I don't know which session that Grand Détour will be on, but I promise it will be worth I it or your money back, gwarantead.
  7. Damn, a quadruple post ^^ impressive Filled out doodle and paid on leaguesafe. Let the grames begrin.
  8. If someone perhaps keeps 2 players that were both drafted in the 5th round, does it take away 3rd and 2nd picks if you don't have two 3rd rounders? Sorry if this has been asked, especially if it was by me at the beginning of last season.
  9. If someone perhaps keeps 2 players that were both drafted in the 5th round, does it take away 3rd and 2nd picks if you don't have two 3rd rounders? Sorry if this has been asked, especially if it was by me at the beginning of last season.
  10. Read this on lambgoat this morning. There was like one trolling comment out of about 60 total comments, which is nearly unfathomable on that site. It truly put in perspective how much people enjoyed this dude and/or that many people on there actually have a heart. I digress. 3 years of cancer battling is not something I can relate to. Many thoughts for all his closest folks.
  11. Infinitely bummed apple stopped selling classic ipods. I know by using mine at least two hours a day, everyday, that it will fry sooner or later. These things will shore up and I haven't found a comparable replacement, though with little research.
  12. Blood pressure went up upon seeing this thread revived. Thanks again, my good community.
  13. This record is so damn good. WHAT IF IVE CHOSEN TO FOLD AND FOLLOW?
  14. OK so since @sugarballs asked for last show merchandoozies first, he gets first draw at one. Followed by @MayCauseDeath and @Rottengoth Sorry folks, I only had enough cash for 2, and one of the 2 is all mine. Their last Chicago show (and from what I understand, their official last show) is in January so we'll keep this thread alive and I'll beef up my wallet for that show as long as I get a damn ticket.
  15. I'm at the show now. They have some clears available. Anyone interested?
  16. The state of Florida doesn't have income tax, so I'm sure that was a factor. Also the teams interested in him really don't appear to be immediate contenders (not a very good excuse or validation), but good deal for sure.
  17. Holy bazoly this has been my father's favorite band for almost 3 decades. Since we exchanged 'one CD to listen to in earnest' (he game me fully completely), we have gone to see them live together and I now proudly own Fully Completely on vinyl. I think I was 24 at the time, but could confidently say I was the youngest folk at that show. They truly rock and it took some time to appreciate.
  18. Gotta wait on it, but anything Suis La Lune demands my money. Perhaps Topshelf will distro this a little too?
  19. Lol hly fck I was cracking up. The OP went right over my head initially until you posted this.
  20. It's resurrections like these that enable much appreciation for people that actually use the search function. ATA BABY, KILGORE.
  21. Tim Kinsella's All over and over. The realizations that manifest daily for him would initially seem to make touring easier regardless of how grim they are, but I don't think I'll ever fathom how uncomfortable his situation was. Quick read, as it will be hard to put down anyways.
  22. I'm quite surprised with this lineup thus far. Better than at least the last few years past in my opinion. I enjoy some of these supporting acts more, however I can't justify pulling the trigger still. Too bad, not sad!

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