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  1. Despite what the commentators believe (on whatever stream I was watching), I don't think that Stamkos is enough to get them through this series. Pens offense is very scary right now and Lightning can't seem to get much zone time. If they could get into the zone on the PP, maybe they could sustain some momentum. The last thing I want is for Pittsburgh to get another cup.
  2. I haven't watched television in years, let alone any that is politically driven. The last thing I want to do is sound like those folks, at least from what I remember. HOWEVER I don't think there's a better way to express it from an unbiased, apolitical stance. Those phrases are infectious, and in very few positive ways. They're identical hooks to most commercials for consumer products -- pushing one sticking point, regardless of the substance of the product. I'm sure there are better ways to support your favorite candidate without repeating a phrase to pinball around. Perhaps toxic supporters is a bit harsh, but I am failing at replacing it at the moment.
  3. Any and all silly, trendy political slogans that come out of the mouth of usually the most toxic supporters Ie. feel the bern or make america great again Edit: I apologize if this is a repeat, but its better for my mental stability not to skim multiple pages of annoying words and phrases
  4. Put Sumac on this and I'll start looking for plane tickets.
  5. They put on an awesome show and have soooo many of their releases on vinyl with them that it made my head spin.
  6. Please, call me Asparagoose. Surely if I get there in time I'll grab what I can, no doubt. PM me closer to the date to remind me and we'll work it outtttt
  7. I feel like a super dumbdumb lollipop head for not tapping into this thread before my bay area trip 2 weeks ago. We all could have just had a grand ole' time. Needed help finding good places to dance during the week. Anyways, saw some bluegrass and that was satisfying enough.
  8. Didn't we have saves as a stat last year? I was in a couple leagues so I don't quite remember which was which but I vote for increased goalie significance.
  9. Impatiently waiting for them to drop all the info on their final Chicago show. I'm buying every Twinkie I can find and lighting the place up.
  10. There was a tie in the first round between myself and knackered, but I was relegated to the losers bracket. How do they (we?) determine tiebreakers? E: found it- they go by regular season head to head win-loss-tie percentage.
  11. If only Texas was it's own country, I would move there instantly. Also, from what I understand, Denmark has perhaps a similar type of tax system that Sanders wants to implement. Or at least the structure of it, loosely.
  12. If Trump wins, I'm abandoning ship, however I need to do massive research on where to go...
  13. I'm guessing the /500 sold out as well, because they're now at the /800 split color pressing. These are going a little quicker than I hoped. Don't feel like getting stuck without one. That tracklist looks yummy.
  14. Going to bay area this week. Who's got recommendations for all snacks and meals around there?
  15. A sixth round pick for Pirri seems unreal. Last I checked, he scored twenty someting goals in 50 games last year. Good for ducks. Traveling to bay area on Thursday and going to sharks vs. Cauncks. Two teams I barely care for, but it'll be fun....ya know...for hockey's sake.
  16. My takeaway from all this is to praise taco diversity. I may not eat meat, but I am still an egalitacoian.
  17. Want to make one from Chicago, but I don't listen to good music usually, and don't want to make people fussy. Just listen to Russian Circles and Pelican discographies. They'll take up half of anyone's list
  18. Hi, I'm Radko Gudas. Don't get the puck stolen from you while you're still jostling with one of my teammates, or else I will plow right through you while being fully aware that I'm scum. Go Ligh....uhhh Flyers. -RG
  19. Ever see a tradelist and just laugh because it's so impressive? I haven't done that in two years at least...until just now. This is awesome and it will assuredly bring me sweet dreams tonight. I am penny pinching for a trip in March, however I will take a good look after if this stays live and Dr. Owen doesn't scoop all of my secret gemmys
  20. Good resurrection. Im building a computer next week -- hope my graphics card can support their intensely vivid visuals... . .

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