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  1. Awesome to hear! I had sent them a note the other day asking if there was any update, but I hadn't gotten a reply. Good to know they've started to get them out.
  2. Grabbed the /300 from BSM! Canceled that order and grabbed the /100 from Dine Alone instead! Kudos for the link & pressing info, too.
  3. I have my mother's 1976 Marantz, and it's the best receiver I've ever owned / used. My Sony with phono input is currently sitting idle in my basement. Marantz's last a long time on their own, but you can always polish it up a bit with a rebuild kit: https://irebuildmarantz.com/catalog/ I replaced all of the bulbs in my unit with their LED pack and while it's not a green as the OEM bulb, it's a great upgrade to brighter bulbs! Plus, that site has a lot more replacements and enhancements. Download a spec of your particular unit, too, it makes things a hell of a lot easier.
  4. Doing a purge before I move again. I have a lot of these on DVD / streaming now, so don't think for a fucking second that I no longer enjoy these movies - especially Titanic. Shoot over offers on singles or lots, shipping is a flat $3 if you buy one or all.
  5. I go to RSD most years. At first it was great, there was never any sort of line, you just had to be there within the first hour of the store opening. There were only about 3-4 releases I wanted, and the total number of RSD items was a fraction of what it is now. But over the next few RSDs, there were more and more people showing up. Eventually I went and had to stand in line outside my favorite store (that never has more than 10 people in it on non-RSD days) then walk through the store in single-file and choose the items I wanted, cafeteria-style. That fucking sucked and it was the last time I went for a couple of years. Then, last year, I wanted an RSD release and managed to get the morning off of work. I went, and again, encountered a line - but this time for whatever reason I looked at it differently (read: like an old person), I knew that these kids were getting taken for a ride for the music they loved. And I think at some level they knew it too, but that's part of the trade of loving music in modern times. You're going to get gouged for money in some way for the thing you love, whatever it may be, and that level of gouging is based on a person's perceived "love" for that thing. Before vinyl got out of hand, it was paying $25 for an 11 track CD or facing the total price of tickets before Ticketmaster was forced to adjust their fees. I paid them in my teens, and paid them happily - because the music meant that much to me. It will never be a perfect world, and there will never be a way to appease everyone when it comes to the relationship between art and money I still go to RSD, and I stand in line with my friend, and we chat with people about what they're getting or what music they like. It's the atmosphere, it's being around people that enjoy the same thing that I've enjoyed for 12 years (other than porn). Thankfully, the single-file line rule is gone at my store and people can freely browse. I don't go for many RSD releases anymore, I go and pick up a bunch of used LPs - I can get like 10-15 records for $30. I guess I like the feeling of being in a record store that's full of people for a change.
  6. Posted this in the ebay thread, but I think that the white whale potential for this LP warrants a seperate post. Plus, I want more bids. http://www.ebay.com/sch/burningman39/m.html
  7. Put up some new stuff on the 'Bay, left over from my ETID break up is one of the rare HEX Records comp 7", the one i'm selling is the BLUE stamp version... http://www.ebay.com/itm/EVERY-TIME-I-DIE-HEX-7-COMP-blue-stamp-RARE-/221059511248?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item33782c73d0 Few other things, HWM, FFAF, MCR, Reggie & The Full Effect and a few others.