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  1. This is for ONE single ticket for the show in Brooklyn, NY this weekend. it is $23.00. That is what i paid for the ticket. Unfortunate shit came up and i had to move recently. You can go though. Purchase today because it may be the last day that i can transfer the ticket to someone. basically i will change all the info and you can pick up the ticket at will call with an ID. I will also send an email with the confirmation # and other info. If you have any questions please contact me.
  2. Kind Of Like Records put out the 10"... But i think she closed up shop and Glocca just took the remaining 12"s and 10"s and put them in their big cartel.... http://www.gloccamorra.bigcartel.com/ ... But the 10" looks like it is OOP for now. Sorry, but i have not been able to find any other distros anywhere who have to 10".
  3. I ordered the Test Pressing package... is there a delay on those FLOOD? Just wondreing... my buddy got his two weeks ago this friday. Just hoping that the damn post office didn't screw up as per usual.
  4. One of my dreams has been to listen to Lesson 3 on vinyl for years now.... now this can come true! So excited about this!
  5. This is awesome! Now i will Have something more concrete to go off of. Thanks! I am 99.99999% sure that Saddle-Creek doesn't sell tests to the public either.
  6. Oh and it does! Amazing! Great job on yet another great album!
  7. yo Siqshit! Is there gonna be a release show edition? that would be cool.
  8. The bands do have some "Test Press" editions of the album on their tour. They have some pretty cool Screen Printed covers. The Pre-Orders are still up and ready to be snagged over at http://blackwithsap.limitedrun.com/ go get em!!! thanks to everyone who has supported these fine bands on tour and those of you who have also Pre-Ordered it from us. Cheers!