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  1. ... waiting patiently for SAWBLADE!
  2. You can listen to a song, probably more, on the TJ-website. 10 minutes in ... love it EDIT: one song ... 21:32 ...wow!
  3. I know. He's busy touring and writing new stuff ... I just hope to get it since it's my favourite KD album. Nice to know that it's on the way.
  4. FINALLY got a shipping notification yesterday. Hoping to get what I paid for ...
  5. @fearofart.records Just started to take some collectionpics.
  6. Finally!!!! Thx for posting this. Waiting for this since forever.
  7. Don't realy get it, when people come into threads of bands they don't like / listen to, just to let the others know how shitty their tast of music is. Thanks for that bro! Nice move!
  8. Po is already up through various places. Check: https://www.zealandardor.com/preorder - limited deluxe on purple vinyl and standard edition on black vinyl available // not much infos on quantities Out on June 8th. New single:

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