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  1. Looking for Pvris - White Noise on clear or half black, half white. Will pay $30 for a clear copy. Thanks!
  2. I love when bands have interesting art and Diamond Youth never fails in that department. Ordered.
  3. We are the industry… We are the industry… We are the industry… We are the industry…
  4. Just got my package and was stoked to find 5 variants instead of 4. Thanks Tre.
  5. With only 3500 pressed I imagine we'll see a second press soon. 5500 with the deluxe included.
  6. Preordered. Their new stuff is great and the production is clean but fitting.
  7. Nick's work is great. His packaging is always awesome. He thinks about little details so many people neglect, like the gloss yellow jacket interior on Sunbather. The standard edition of ISB is fluorescent and metallic. Give that combo to another designer and it could easily be overdone. Nick's stuff is always restrained but interesting. Plus he's a nice dude. I can't wait to see the ISB deluxe book in person.
  8. This happened to me when Deafheaven POs went up. I sent an email and all was cleared up.
  9. Paypal wouldn't work for me. If that's your issue maybe try a credit card.
  10. Grabbed all five. Really digging this late night preorder.
  11. I know I'm in the minority here but I'm starting to feel like there are so many missed opportunities. Awesome build ups with little payoff. That said, I do enjoy a lot of this and will definitely reserve judgement until I've heard the whole record.
  12. My girlfriend and I call this show "Comedy Hour" now. And we have a blast watching it.

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