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  1. mesi

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Also, what about the proposed rules/scoring changes? Might be good if we somehow voted on those before the draft. I could set up a doodle poll if I had everyones email address, or is there an easier way?
  2. mesi

    various download codes

    Sufjan Stevens - The Avalanche http://music.sufjan.com/yum 39b8-h3hz
  3. mesi

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    I'll pay up in a couple of days, just topped up my paypal account which will process in a couple of days. Also, I can't access the league via the renewal email so I can't look up last year's roster, it says : You are not allowed to view this page because you are not in this league. (Error #152) Anyone else have the same problem? Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out, I used the wrong email address.
  4. mesi

    NHL Discussion

    Yeah, Pacific is going to get rough.
  5. mesi

    NHL Discussion

    Karlsson to the Sharks! Edit: Also, ridiculous return for OTT.
  6. mesi

    NHL Discussion

    Prepare for a tough read. https://theathletic.com/522117/2018/09/13/islanders-goalie-robin-lehner-opens-up-about-his-addiction-and-bipolar-diagnosis-i-could-not-stand-being-alone-in-my-brain/
  7. Got mine about a week ago, from ccmusic.
  8. Got a new (used) turntable today. Clearaudio Emotion SE Also, I miss Allen, Slinch, ajxd and the rest of the gang.
  9. mesi

    NHL Discussion

    Really happy that this is finally over, and the return is not half that bad. Hoping that Suzuki pans out.
  10. mesi

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Saturday would work for me as well, if it’s cool with everyone else.
  11. mesi

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    That would be perfect for me, thanks Daniel!
  12. mesi

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Yeah, replacing PPP with PPG and PPA is what I meant.
  13. mesi

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    I am okay with 5, have to agree that 8 was a bit much. As for other changes, I get the "you are not allowed to view this page because you are not in this league" message, so it is not all that easy to remember everything. Is disabling the consolation bracket an option? Also, does anyone else think that +/- and PIMs are pretty useless categories? Maybe add PPGs and PPAs to focus more on the scoring aspect?
  14. Thanks for your thoughts, I might give it another shot then.