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  1. Did you get any sort of shipping confirmation? I just got that strangely worded email about 2 weeks ago about them shipping out soon.
  2. Are you aware that Temporary Residence have a UK warehouse where they ship from for a $10 flate rate via DPD?
  3. There was only one for April that had free shipping for the US, but they have not put up their catalog for May, hoping that we might get a new one.
  4. New song is great. Not sure yet if I will splurge on the version with the book though, their EU store prices are always pretty brutal.
  5. Congrats @Sidney Crosley, well deserved!
  6. Ha, good luck to you too! Not feeling all that confident this week though, as you have all those guys playing 4 games this week (Rantanen, Kane, Debrincat, Toews, Pettersson, Couturier, Petry) to only my Boeser and Faulk, so I will miss a ton of skater games. Really need my guys to step up.
  7. Non limited version is up via Superior Viaduct: https://www.superiorviaduct.com/collections/nivhek
  8. No more free shipping for non-members starting tomorrow: Starting March 12th, 2019, new orders will be charged $4.95 shipping per order within the U.S. and $14.95 internationally. Any orders placed before this date will not be impacted. These rates are based on the average shipping cost we incur on non-member orders. Also, they are changing their policy on customs fees, so no more refunds or credits starting from tomorrow as well. Pretty sure that they will see a huge drop off in international members. I totally get why they have to stop it though. [...]While we want all of our customers to know we have the best, most compassionate customer service out there, crediting back customs fees levied by the governments of other countries was jeopardizing our ability to serve all of our international customers.[...]
  9. Anost has preorders up for the new Deaf Center album "Low Distance" and the 2LP repress of "Owl Splinter/Twin": Low Distance: https://www.anost.net/en/Products/Deaf-Center-Low-Distance/ Owl Splinter/Twin: https://www.anost.net/en/Products/Deaf-Center-Svarte-Greiner-Owl-Splinters-Twin/
  10. LINDA for 15% off on orders over $75
  11. That is exactly where I am at, just try and wait until their exclusives are open to everyone and get free shipping. Good to see you came to the same conclusion.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I get that, but I just figured that since they started offering that free shipping to non-members (starting last summer I think), that international members would also get some kind of discount on their shipping or membership. Seems logical to me.
  13. Can someone explain the following logic to me: There is worldwide free shipping on their entire store, but for international people the monthly sub is almost 50% more expensive than for US people? If they have some kind of magic deal to send stuff for free worldwide, why not let their real members get in on it? Doesn’t make sense to me. No rant obviously, just curious.
  14. Thank you for this. I was really looking forward to it, but at that price point...
  15. It's been a long time coming but we're excited to announce that our album, 'Endless', will finally be released on May 17th. It's being released as a double LP on Vested Interest in the UK/EU and To Lose La Track in Italy/EU, alongside a CD release by stiff slack records in Japan. It contains twelve tracks that we put everything into. Pre orders for the double LP are available from the respective labels now. Transparent Electric Blue 2xLP /150: To Lose La Track (IT) http://www.toloselatrack.org/catalogue.php?idcat=225 Halloween Orange Solid 2xLP /150: Vested Interest (UK) https://vestedinterest.bigcartel.com/…/holding-patterns-end… First 2 songs: https://holdingpatterns.bandcamp.com