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  1. Yeah, I got mine in today too, only it is the 400 - Various - White in Clear w/ Heavy Neon Green Splatter.... Not super pumped about this. would you be willing to sell your extra /100? I missed out on it the first time around and the with how bad this got mixed up, I doubt the one I ordered from PN UK will be the right color as well.
  2. Offering up $125 for: /200 - PN 1 - Bone & Easter Yellow Aside/Bside w/ Heavy Aqua Blue Splatter.
  3. :( by the time I saw the email the /200 was gone.... gotta love being at work! If anyone wants to part with theirs, Please let me know. I’ll pay well.
  4. If anyone is going to a show on this tour and can pick up an extra tour pressing, I will pay well for it. I went to the Riot Fest dates but wasn't able to snag one. Thanks!
  5. I will also pay unnecessary amounts to get this from someone.... after he gets his. So i call dibs on the second one! LOL!
  6. And just talked to my local store, they have it in the system but there’s no info on it other than the title. Said it probably sold out completely online and the stores won’t be getting any. sooooooo that sucks. Cant wait to pay x3 for this on eBay!
  7. Just called them, my rep said “they’re not finding anything in the system, so that means they don’t have it yet.” Not sure what to think based based on that statement.
  8. So happy I pulled the plug on variant collecting for DGD. I thought the Artificial Selection variant count was absurd, but this is just ridiculous.
  9. Ughhhhhhh. I have been missing all the new pre-orders lately. Must be a sign to give up variant collecting finally.
  10. Checking again, anyone have a chance to snag 2 of these that is willing to part ways with it?
  11. Wellllll I think I might officially give up on keeping the DGD collection whole. Was only able to snag two variants this time, and I missed the /100 7” as well.
  12. At the Chicago show tonight, they’re already out of them and don’t know if they’ll get more before the end of the tour. Super bummed. If anyone snagged 2 of these or anyone going to later shows can grab me one, DM me please. I’ll pay double the cost of the record. Thanks!
  13. Missed this.... Anyone know if they yellow pressing will actually be sold elsewhere? I dont care too much about the /100 cover.
  14. Got mine today as well. Are your copies like a milky, translucent white/marble? Thought they were supposed to be pure white?
  15. Anyone else getting "lock wait timeout exceeded" when trying to do the final checkout? EDIT: Tried on my phone, never flipped to the normal "completed" screen but I got confirmation emails from both paypal and ETR about a minutes after hitting "Submit order".
  16. annnnnd another I missed thanks to work...... If anyone got an extra splatter that they would part with for cash or a possible trade. Let me know!
  17. I didn't see anything about a variant of this on the posts they have been making. Just clothes and vinyl figures, where did you see about the pressing? I am going to the Lolla show that Friday but wasn't able to score tickets to the metro show unfortunately, so I will be down there, If they let me get two, I'll snag one for ya.
  18. I got mine in. Didn't see any shipping notification, it just showed up.