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  1. Need some cash selling couple Ryan Adams Box Sets. Live After Deaf Live at Carnegie Hall
  2. Added More Will Continue to Add Have almost a complete Gaslight Anthem Collection. Don't feel like posting it all. PM me.
  3. Like the title says. Got the news, going to have a baby. Need some extra cash and make room in the nursery. I will be adding more records as I go through them. Pm me offers please. * Will Be Adding More After Work Tomorrow Able Baker Fox - Voices [Yellow] Agalloch - Marrow of the Spirit [Clear] Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit [Red] Alkaline Trio -Goddamnit [Half-Red/Half-Black] Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit [White] Alkaline Trio - S/T [Orange Marbled] Alkaline Trio - S/T [Clear with Black Smoke] Alkaline Trio - This Addiction [Red] Alkaline Trio - This Addiction [Green Translucent] Alkaline Trio - Maybe I'll Catch Fire [White/Red Swirl] The All-American Rejects ‎– When The World Comes Down [Blue Translucent] Bad Astronaut - Acrophobe [Transparent Brown] Boys Night Out - Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses [Grey Marble] Builders and the Butchers - Salvation Is A Deep Dark Week [picture disc] Circa Survive - On Letting Go [Light Blue w/ Black Swirl] Cobra Skulls - American Rubicon [Red] Cobra Skulls - Sitting Army [Clear Green] Dropkick Murphys ‎– Do Or Die [Tan] Every Time I Die ‎– Hot Damn! [Silver] Every Time I Die ‎– Hot Damn! [Clear w/ Red, Black, Silver Splatter] Every Time I Die - Last Night In Town [White/Orange/Red Tri] Every Time I Die - Last Night In Town [Black w/ Red] Gaslight Anthem - Sink or Swim Demos 7" [Blue Grey Splatter] Gregory Alan Isakov - This Empty Northern [Brown Translucent] Jack White - Live At Third Man Records [Blue Black Split] Lucero ‎– 1372 Overton Park [Blue] Lucero - The Attic Tapes The Menzingers ‎– On The Impossible Past [Blue] Minus The Bear - Planet of Ice [Baby Pink] Owel - S /T [Blue] The Paper Chase ‎– Someday This Could All Be Yours Vol. 1 Saves The Day - Sound The Alarm [Red & White] Slim Cessna's Auto Club - The Bloudy Tenent Truth Peace The Suicide Machines ‎– War Profiteering Is Killing Us All / A Match And Some Gasoline [Red/Blue] Tom Gabel - Heart Burns Wonder Years - Greatest Generation [Grey Marble] The World / Inferno Friendship Society ‎– Addicted To Bad Ideas: Peter Lorre's Twentieth Century Various Studio Ghibli [Yellow/Green]
  4. Yeah, Dave is correct about this. You really need to do a long run every week. Now are all these runs the same pace or are you mixing it up? I think you really need to start increasing your weekly mileage (safely) and including a long run.
  5. no problem. I might be going for one also, but with the heat and humidty I don't know how well it will go.
  6. Anyone listen to the X-Files Files podcast?
  7. Have they (netflix) released the whole series in HD yet or is it still just the first 13 episodes?
  8. Ugh, I just registered for a half that is 3 weeks away, all my running pals are running it and pressured me to join in. I know I will be able to finish it, I had a nice 11 mile long run on Sunday and plan on doing a 13 miler this week before cutting down the week of the half. I'm going to use the race as just a training run as a fast finish long run. I won't be near my usual times but hoping to finish sub 1:45:00
  9. Thanks! Nah, nothing funny just running late. We couldn't find anything about race registration or anything on the race's website we just assumed it would be where the festival and everything was going on. Obviously, we were wrong.
  10. Thanks! I beat my goal with 20:30, but didn't run the race smart at all. I think if I would have ran the first mile slower and not had to run a mile to the actual start of the race to not miss the start I could have gone sub 20. Either way I'm happy with it. Finished 8th and 2nd in my age group.
  11. Running my first 5k of the year this evening. I know I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm hoping to run a sub 21:00. Never ran this race so we will see.
  12. I have found all the Futurama ones except Robot Devil. X-Files only got Scully, but the rest should be out this week.
  13. I've bought way to many of these the last two weeks. Between Orphan Black, Futurama, GOT, X-Files, and finally getting Venom. Now, I need to wait til the next batch I want come out.
  14. Thanks, man. Running with my friend and slowing the pace has really helped. After, I build up my base I will get work on my speed.
  15. Finally, I feel like I'm making progress. I really lost my motivation to run after training and putting all those miles in for the marathon, then to have my lady's work screw her over on her vacation so we couldn't make it to Disney. Then, having my Grandfather have a heart attack and pass away, I just didn't have the will to run. Thankfully, it is slowly coming back. I regret taking the long break from running, because I'm missing some early races that I really liked from the previous years. It's also coming back to running after a break and you know you should be able to run these distances and at a certain pace, but your body isn't up to it yet. I've been running with one of my friends lately to keep my pace down and build up my pace. I'm hoping to run a race or two next month we will just see where I'm at.
  16. I did. I decided to drive to another city's Wal-Mart on the Sunday following the release and stumbled on a few.
  17. I would sell my copy if someone was going to spend that much on it.
  18. I'm trying to get over my extended running break, but I lost all my running fitness . I'm hoping to get back into shape soon and start some races. I got some goals that I need to break on some races. Good Job Everyone!!!
  19. Winter challenge is probably a good idea and when the seasons change move back to monthly. Also, thanks for that tapirik I will get on that. I hated having to plug my watch in and upload it to all the different things since it uploads to garmin wirelessly.
  20. good job everyone. My goal for 2015 is for 1,500 miles will no injuries. I say we do 2015 challenges. Do maybe overall and monthly challenges(stipulation can't win back to back challenges). I will gladly be putting 2014 Vinyl Collective Yearly Running Champ in my sig.

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