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  1. this album is unreal. anyone willing to part with their starburst variant?
  2. Looking for a Hot Cross shirt/sweatshirt/etc. Let me know if you have anything. I wear a medium but would probably be interested in other sizes as well.
  3. If anyone has this record in the "yellow with red and blue starburst variant" and is willing to part with it, let me know! It's one of my favorite records from this year so far and I figured I'd try to get this variant before I ordered a diff color from Tiny Engines. Thanks.
  4. i also got this lot. i'm stoked about it, i like pretty much everything i've listened to so far.
  5. This one. Not really trying to drop upwards of $20 for it on Rockabilia so if anyone has it and doesn't want it, let me know! (Medium is preferred for size, but I could prob get away with a small or large)
  6. Selling some things... Hostage Calm - Please Remain Calm (Blue/Green) $10 Baroness - Yellow and Green 2xLP (Black) $15 Ringworm - Stigmatas in the Flesh (Clear w/ Black Blob) $12 Transit - Promise Nothing (Coke Bottle) $10 Wolves At Bay - Only a Mirror (Red) $8 My Fictions - I Want Nothing 10" (Black) $8 $5 EPs: Daylight - The Difference in Good and Bad Dreams (Jade Green) Fireworks - Bonfires (Orange) Teenage Bottlerocket - Joy Division Covers 7" (Black) Raindance - Love Under the Sun (Black) Seraphim - s/t (Purple) Snowing - Pump Fake/Scherbatsky (Black) Tigers Jaw - Gypsy b/w Jimmy Piersall (Black) My Fictions - Always Trapped Red City Radio/The Gamits - Split (Green) all prices ppd... PM if you have any questions or want to trade!