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  1. There are only 15 left in store from what i was told
  2. miketxaxnxd

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    15 dollars
  3. miketxaxnxd

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    Got this today AFI -Eddie Picnic's All Wet repress limited to 100
  4. miketxaxnxd

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    From top to bottom TIGER ARMY V•••- Clear Electric Blue (2,500) Batwing (300) Red & Oxblood (700) Night Sky (1,000) Glow In The Dark Burst (113) signed
  5. miketxaxnxd

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    The first 100 were numbered and came with extras. And yeah theres 220 made but the other 120 didnt come with a numbered pin
  6. miketxaxnxd

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    AFI -Fly In The Ointment 5th press on clear rainbow splatter number 98 of 100
  7. I did slinch but i do giveaways and i gotta say i always loved your collection
  8. For the afi i do giveaways on instagram and for nick 13 they accidently gave me a second bundle so i took it.
  9. miketxaxnxd


    Cant wait for this!! i saw the tracklist and i gotta say i am loving it