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  1. stillunderoath

    PO: Emarosa - 131

  2. For those that missed this, It is up on Amazon as well
  3. Sorry, this is what happens when you post at 6am.
  4. This is up at SRC, http://www.shopradiocast.com/products/My-Chemical-Romance-%252d-I-Brought-You-My-Bullets%2C-You-Brought-Me-Your-Love-LP.html
  5. stillunderoath

    PO HIPV - Animal 7"

    New Hidden In Plain View EP - Animal 250 - Royal Blue/Grimace Purple color in color 750 - Clear http://merchnow.com/catalogs/hidden-in-plain-view
  6. stillunderoath

    PO: Emarosa - Versus

    Was waiting for this, thanks!
  7. stillunderoath

    YMAEWK - Party For the Grown and Sexy/So Insane

    Bump.. Any updates about this?
  8. stillunderoath

    Childish Gambino - Because The Internet

    just got shipping notification from Bull Moose!
  9. spinning this now, sounds pretty good
  10. Got mine this morning, looks good. Haven't had a chance to spin it yet though.
  11. stillunderoath

    PO Rise Records upcoming

    thanks for the heads up, ordered hands like houses. 500 of all these presses should go pretty quickly i think
  12. Preorder is up, along with a few packages. Limited to 500 pressed on clear. http://simplestereo.storenvy.com