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  1. maximuss

    PO: OBSCURA - Diluvium

    First time I can buy a clear out of 100
  2. Yes. But you are right about the color and the sleeve
  3. Why would you want that if you can buy the nicer variant from her shop
  4. Crazy, uo also canceled mine. But happy 2 get this yellow version.
  5. Wow! Happy I ordered this. Got my ticket for the show in Amsterdam already.
  6. The album is great and the sound of the vinyl is also super. Only the sleeve is a little thin... Overall great lp
  7. Bought 1 but shipping was sky-high to Holland. But happy to get it. Looks great!
  8. maximuss

    The Third Man Records Thread

    Hahaha. This must be a joke! I love beefheart but this album is one of the most overrated albums.
  9. maximuss

    The Third Man Records Thread

    Why? Vault member from the beginning but this a hard pill to swallow. Must cancel this i am afraid.
  10. Missed the box but very happy to get the 2lp version.
  11. Yes. I have it more than a month. Great pressing. You have to contact the label.
  12. ordered , great thanks, cannot find the Starfighter lp. Somebody know if it for sale somewhere , besides discogs