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  1. Nice store, thanks for sharing. If i read some of the reactions here i understatement why Trump and biden talk like that. So unfriendly. Must be american. Happy i live in my little Holland...
  2. Big surprise, orderedthis, but with low expectations. But the lp is very nice, great pressing also.
  3. This album is a big surprise for me, so good! Because there was so much negativity about it. And the signed art print looks great....
  4. Checked his first 2 solo records. Some great songs, this box set will be my start with mr Mould.
  5. Must have. Should I wait for a shop in Europe or will I miss it then???
  6. Looks great, little white stripes idea. Will buy if it ever gets in the sale...
  7. I can advise everybody here to listen to the real ramona lp from throwing muses. One of the best nineties albums...
  8. Normally it cost 24 euro, now with the virus price raised to 29,30.