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  1. aren't you the guy that likes MRNR though? If you are my point is made.
  2. This is fat mike, it wasn't an emotional breakdown, it was just him trying to do something different and funny and bum out the audience. See Adam's post for interview. His plan effectively worked in fucking with the heads of everyone that thought this was an emotional breakdown and I know it certainly crossed my mind before seeing evidence otherwise in interviews following the show. I also think this is hilarious and don't really think it's an attempt to cash in. What will they make on selling <1000 7"'s, like $3 a record MAYBE if they're lucky.
  3. Honestly I think this laptop is perfect for you. 250GB of movies is a lot. Movies are typically (if you aren't downloading blu ray movies) ripped to 700MB, im pretty sure that's so they fit on a cd (or dvd maybe?) although i do have some that are up to 1.2GB. I have about 150 movies on my pc right now on a 500GB hard drive and i have plenty of spare space. In fact in total im currently using 257GB. If you do download blu ray movies i think they're 4 gigabytes (correct me if i'm wrong someone). I also happen to have 2GB of ram and I am running a gaming PC. I don't play very intensive games though (and i run a high end graphics card). I really don't think you'd ever need more than 2 Gigs of ram for anything. I think I've maxed my ram under only a couple cases (leaving firefox open for a really long time, wmp in the background, and trying to compile a program using some ram intensive IDE). Unless you plan on using some sort of 3d graphing or drafting program 2 gigs should be fine.
  4. If the numbers aren't on fatwreck.com, then nobody knows. This is Pat's queue to chime in about how he knows more than everyone.
  5. Fixed. haha, except there's already an entire pressing of black floating around.
  6. cropping wasn't too bad once i figured out how, resizing the crop was more annoying.
  7. I just reduced my quality as low as possible to try and hide the fact that i have no photo-shopping ability. Used GIMP actually. Lack of ability still shows though.
  8. received it yesterday. or was it sunday yesterday too?
  9. You bought it for $250 or that's what you're willing to sell it for? Because someone will jump on that if that's your asking price.
  10. http://vinylcollective.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=44663 lulz This link explains nothing. Just that people like to report the same thing multiple times with really dumb thread names.