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  1. Finally got my hands on mine over the weekend. I am so impressed with everything - even how it was shipped so I take my previous comment back. Even my dad was floored by how great everything looked (and he's been collecting vinyl for almost 40 years). The only downside is that there's a pretty decent scratch on one side of Self-Titled that my dad says will most likely tick (haven't had the chance to play it yet) and another smaller scratch on one side of OC/YC and one side of Switcheroo. Other than that, it's all so amazing.
  2. There's no harm in mentioning it. Justin might have said, no problem email the store and we'll refund you the difference and then I would have had $20 to spend on another DA record. Thanks for coming out though. Also, had I not gotten one, I wouldn't have complained I would have been happy to save myself $300 and just continued to listen to my original pressings.
  3. Yes, just got an email from my mom saying my boxset arrived! Kind of blows that the postage was $23.50 and I paid $44 though..
  4. So, mine never arrived today. Tracking hasn't been updated since Friday. If someone at Canada Post stole it, I'm gonna flip my shit. Highly unlikely, I'm aware.
  5. Mine should be delivered today - not that I'm going to see it today. Gotta wait for another 11 days. Lame.
  6. Mine is in Richmond, BC (like, 20 minuntes from Vancouver) but won't be delivered to my parents house until Monday. I'm going there this weekend but not going back for two weeks after that... ugh. Sad times.
  7. My shipping was $43.. if it only costs $20 I'm not gonna be happy. Justin would we be able to email the store and get refunded the difference?
  8. Important, oh so important. Attention paid to detail, I appreciate that.
  9. Mine won't get to my parents house until the 20th, I won't be at my parents house until the 25th - whomp whomp.
  10. Mine has shipped, no email yet - hopefully it'll arrive by Friday
  11. I wish they had of put out more of those tour diary videos, the ones they did during part of the Crisis tour. Hands down the tour diary from Las Vegas when they lost Steele is the greatest thing ever.
  12. I watched all four last night, was so great seeing all that old footage again. They were so young and tattooless.