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  1. And this is why VC is still the best place to come to for interesting discussions.
  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but the question that Rattapa asked was neither if the record is really worth that much nor if someone here would buy it... The question was simply that of "Is a rare record worth even more only because it is sealed?" Jimmarcucci was actually on the right track. A sealed record is like Schrodingers Cat. You simply don't know what is inside and what state it is in. It could have been sitting there in mint for all these years and it also could be a battered old disc that has been resealed for sale. I have a shrink tunnel here at work I can seal all my records, who would know. And you also don't buy the record for the cover, you would want to see the disc and make sure it has the right matrix number and the pressing is of good quality without manufacturing defects. I have this conundrum a lot of times on ebay as well as Discogs. Someone has a reasonably collectable record on colour at a top end price. He claims that because it is unopen and sealed. Now I am a colour variant collector, so if there is a clear burgundy press of a record, there is bound to be a more blue one due to the mixing of the vinyl. In the initial manufacturing you get a handful of colour transitions So that blue would be for me very collectable, whilst the burgundy is common a blue may be very rare. So I will not take a punt on buying a sealed copy if I only be ending up with a burgundy again. Equally how does a seller know that it is even on colour? Especially if the release date is some time ago? For me a sealed record is never attractive to buy so I remove myself from the buyers market. Now the laws of capitalism say something on supply and demand, if I remove myself I reduce demand. Ergo the price should drop as supply stays the same with less people competing over buying it, but that is only half of it... So it would be interesting to hear how many people would rather buy sealed and therefore make up of me dropping out in this scenario, to see if this will alter demand in the other direction.
  3. I dealt with ThreeStoats outside VC, totally backed.
  4. Hmm, I know it is frowned upon and certainly not cool, yet I don't think this makes the guy a terrible buyer or a scam artist. I would be annoyed and probably send a few stern words down the ether, but as bake says, technically he can do what he wants with them.
  5. Yes I was lucky enough to stick to Paypal rules. He had a really hard time with being in hospital for a tooth abscess for the first 10 of the 45 days, and then after his brother got arrested and his grandma died. As by that time it must have been grannie number 8 and brother number 4 (going by previous claims of his) I figured that this guy has all the bad luck inthe world so it does not really get much worse having a paypal claim added. He promptly shipped the records albeit with one wrong LP that I had to return. The one that was missing I opted for a refund, which Paypal did once the wrong one was returned. I bought $350 worth of records and in the end I was down $15 for the return postage, but I have a story to tell.
  6. This is well documented in this thread. Search for Rick Angley in the top search bar for this topic to get the general idea then click the link below and get a stiff drink. You would not believe the story... I got scammed and Deep Blue did too, we had some recovery but that was only records. For the hard part read on and follow the links contained. http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/55777-gimme-my-drugs-on-ebay/
  7. Yep, got stuck in traffic and missed the PRE-ORDER. Very bummed. I know it was one per customer, but if anyone has regrets buying it, wants to sell it on or simply wants to make a quick profit, I would be very obliged to take it off you. Thanks
  8. There is actually a website that lists which pressings and cat numbers have this type of jigsaw center: http://45-sleeves.com/UK/hmv/hmv-uk.htm Which seems to narrow it down somewhat...
  9. I have seen these too, my grandma used to have 7"s like this but if I recall correctly they were with the record and not a separate adapter. Cannot check, my gran died almost 20 years ago... You may want to check ebay for HMV 7"s.
  10. Some decent detective work there Mr Blue. Not cool to lie on here.