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  1. Yes I am pretty sure f2f will be sooner It is mayhem right now, I hope it calms down a bit, but most elements of pressing are squeezed with supply and transport shortages.
  2. Not surprised, for years FAT had been like 4-5 bucks cheaper than everyone else and with shipping and raw materials being at an all time high now I don't think it is sustainable.
  3. Assuming that most of the people signing up will keep the exclusive vinyl, the cost of the whole year is likely cheaper than the ebay flipper prices if one turns up. Was a no brainer for me...
  4. Sounds logical. I also think represses like Larry Arms are easier as there is no time pressure to release, FAT probably just list them when they are ready so they ship straight away.
  5. Yellow and black split would be rad! Stoked this finally sees the light of day.
  6. 6 variants: KRM Europe SBAM Europe TMOM Merch (BCBC offical) Thousand Island Records Canada Smart Punk USA Prorawk USA I don't have the links, but Google will be your friend...
  7. Not sure if what you see on ebay is actually records in hand, seems like there are resellers just taking orders. I don't think they shipped yet. The whole import into US is still seriously messed up.... looks like these are from GZ, judging by the sleeve of the EURO Retail...