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  1. Thank you! Just a PSA to everyone, covid originally gave me some fantastic free time to free up my collection, and devote a lot of much needed attention to this site. Between work picking back up, and things happening at home that demanded my attention, I've lost my ability to be able to properly pack up and ship records in a timely fashion. The for sale thread is absolutely still going, but the one thing I ask is patience. I will absolutely not finalise a deal and accept payment without being sure I can send everything out within a day or two. Please keep getting in touch, and please forgive me if I take some time getting back to you. I'm 100% here, but good God, things got crazy since I initially started this thread.
  2. I believe I've caught up with everyone's PM's. If you're waiting for a reply, please message me again. Latest records are going to the post office today. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, Been a looong while since I've been in this neck of the woods. The time has finally come to say goodbye to the large majority of my collection. Please take a look at the link, and if anything catches your fancy, let me know with an OFFER. I'll try to be routine with responses, but patience is greatly appreciated. Anyway, have at 'er: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ne7O1Okfl2SqsOY5HrC3uthD3Q_CCTDlMJmn9wT3ia4/edit?usp=drivesdk
  4. Shit, I’ve still got all three versions or so of Adults!!. I’d be willing to let them go. I never am on here anymore, and happened to check this out randomly. Don’t have any of it on discogs or anything,
  5. Just got my record in. Can't wait to finally listen to this. Haven't touched a track until today dropcards.com/vinyl MD6K3VJJ9N
  6. So I think I'm ready to let go of my Horror Section collection. I just don't have the space anymore so I'm going to try and downgrade a lot off my collection. I've got all three pressings of The Prowler 7", as well as the special screen printed box set for the release /30, containing all three pressings. I have a test press for their split with Eastern Back To Life, as well as the regular press, and all colors for the first two pressings of Season Of The Witch.
  7. Picked it up. I was curious about there being only 2,800 records pressed. As of now it brings it to a cool 3,000.
  8. http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/985 Direct Hit!/Pears split is up. Didn't even know about this!
  9. I love discogs but I don't think I'll ever list my records there. Way too clunky for my taste. I hate browsing their lists as well. So much so that I don't even bother looking when I see someone link their collection through them. Google docs it is I suppose...
  10. Just got that email. Shitty way to start my morning, besides the fact that I woke up at 3:30 on my day off. I've been keeping my list there forever and really did like the site. Sad to see it go.
  11. Been looking forward to this album more than anything in the last year and a half. These guys are phenomenal. Cannot wait.
  12. I would love love love any help in grabbing a tour copy.
  13. Just added a few Tenement LPs and 7" s to my list. Nice little surprise.
  14. I assume that's the one. Banquet has some up on their site
  15. There's also apparently now a euro indie exclusive red/blue splatter.
  16. TTRO changed my life. WDTRSH surpassed it. I would absolutely love to see this.
  17. This really is a solid album. OTIP had non stop catchy earworm tracks, thus being a fan favorite. I still love Rented World more than this, but after a week of listening, I am really impressed by it. I seem to focus my attention on a different song with each listen. Not disappointed in the least with this guy. Also just got the euro red/white a side/b side, and am going to jam it with the kiddos in the garage while I hang a new ceiling rack.
  18. Niice! Awesome album, as is all of theirs. Got the original pressing, but I'll be grabbing this.
  19. Absolutely agree. This feels like it should have come after Impossible Past. Excited to give it more listens this week
  20. I saw them last year and they played two New tracks live. I just listened to the New album now. My thoughts are that everyone hated Rented World, and made them revert to almost something they weren't. Rented World was an almost perfect album. This one was bastardized. I hear claims to ALITAOIAT throughout.

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