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  1. Your best option may be a record weight. It will certainly hold the record down to the platter, even with the felt mat. The issue would that it would put undue wear on the motor, and it be so severe that the platter would spin slow. There is a clamp device that is plastic which wouldn’t add much weight. I think it’s called the Clever Clamp. the other option would be to get another slip mat. But I don’t know if that would have better grip on the smooth plastic platter. I could imagine a silicone mat might grip better, but again it can’t be too heavy, as you don’t want it impacting the platter spinning or motor operation. Obviously it’s a nice gift. Just be careful buying “upgrades” to these turntables as they may not work well, and in some cases, make things worse, or hurt things more. Good news is a clamp/weight or mat can be transferred to a better table down the road. Hope this helps.
  2. I ordered the blue. Looks nice, sounds good. Armageddon was sending out delay emails and stores haven’t gotten them either, so I was surprised when I got a shipping email and received it a few days later.
  3. I’m back to using my XX-2 that I had Dynavector rebuild for me. Before the rebuild, I had a AT33PTG/II which was good, but I didn’t love it. Sometimes it did sound really good but I felt it lacked some magic that I find in the XX-2. I really like the line contact stylus on the XX-2. Detail with much more forgiveness compared to the AT. A lot more ticks, pops, and non-fill would show itself with the AT which had a micro line stylus. I tried three records with 2M Black and while 2 I found boring and flat, Radiohead - King of Limbs sounded very good. It was listening to Bloom, that I noticed the very wide soundstage. It was clean and full on that recording, and it worked well. 1 for 3 wasn’t going to cut it though and I gave it back to my buddy. The high end AT MC carts are nice and get great reviews from users. They also seem to be a lot less money than a lot of the other MC carts. I haven’t heard the Hanas, but people sure like them too. I’ve only had MC carts, for the last 8 or so years when I started putting serious money into my setup. I got a good deal on a great phono pre that could easy handle MC so why not? I like the sound they provide, but I don’t think I would dislike a great MM if I heard one.
  4. I didn’t like it much either when I tried it. Pretty similar results. It did have a very wide soundstage which was kind of cool.
  5. A kinder, gentler ajxd. Guess the guy’s not so bad after all.
  6. I’ve been listening to this album a lot lately and (obviously) have really come around on it. I really like it. There are definitely a few tracks that would make it on a personal “Best of” and not one I skip. my LP sounded good and had no pressing issues. I got one of the red galaxy from Sargent House.
  7. I actually don’t like this at all. And not because it’s bad. It’s not. It’s just really bland and boring. I was hoping for something that stayed true to the source, but veered a little darker and creepier. Not looking for any heavy handed changes to the arrangements, but some slight “Danzig-ization” would have been welcome. The “straight” take just doesn’t do anything for me.
  8. So I’ve listened to the album a couple of times through, and it’s much better than my initial impression of the lead song would have me believe. The music isn’t as dark, but it’s still heavy and driving, with a lot of new ideas that really work well. The vocals aren’t great, but on most of the songs they’re not bad. It’s just the vocals on the pre-release song that I think are bad. If more songs had similar vocals, I think it would hurt the album. Because it’s just one song, I can live with it, especially because the music is so great. Glad I never cancelled.
  9. This is a great record and I’m happy to see it available again. It’s too bad they went with multiple colors in such limited quantity. They will be flipped HARD considering two are already sold out.
  10. Hi, To best answer your question, can you post the exact make and models of the items you are asking about? There are a number of possible solutions, but without specifics, it will be difficult to help. in the pictures you posted both items are amplifiers. In the first one you circled an output, on the second pic, an input. But you don’t want to hookup two amplifiers like that in series (in a row). If you only posted the pics for reference to type of connection termination, then we will need the info I requested to properly advise you. Important question: Are your speakers powered?
  11. This record takes some listens, but it is REALLY good.
  12. That would be great, but given Skeletons, I’m not holding my breath on it sounding like a Misfits song from before 1985. I hope I’m wrong.
  13. Is there at least one song I can preview from this? As has been said, this could be cool, but it could also sound like Skeletons. I want to like and support new Danzig (even covers records), but I’m going to need to make sure it’s something I’ll get repeated listens out of before I buy.