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  1. youlooksogood

    PO Now: Koji - Fury (No Sleep Records)

    Was the t-shirt bundle ever up?
  2. I posted this in the 2015 No Sleep Records Vinyl Subscription thread, but haven't had any replies yet. I'm looking for someone who has the 2015 subscription and that will allow me to purchase any Koji stuff from them that gets released this year. Message me if you can help! Thanks!
  3. Would anyone that has the 2015 Subscription be willing to let me call "dibs" on any Koji stuff that's released this year? PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  4. Can someone who knows for sure confirm what Movielife album was being sold on that site? And gold, was that the color? And what label? Is it a Drive-Thru press of some kind or a part of that Mutant League Records press?
  5. youlooksogood

    WTB: SEALED Jimmy Eat World - Static Prevails LP with 7"

    Yeah, thanks for the advice. I've tried other outlets as well, but no luck. Will just have to wait...
  6. youlooksogood

    WTB: SEALED Jimmy Eat World - Static Prevails LP with 7"

    They actually come up fairly often, I've just missed them.
  7. Hi, everyone. Looking to purchase a brand new copy of this that includes the 7". Will make it worth your while. Does anyone have one they might be willing to sell, or if you could PM me pointing me in the direction of one that you know of that's available? Thanks!
  8. youlooksogood

    FS: Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree original black

    This is still available for now. curbsideaudio is weighing his options and says he might buy, but that it's ok if it sells in the meantime. Jacket has a handful of light scuffs and 'scratches,' but that was how it came. I think these jackets might have been prone to that sort of thing because of their texture. Like I said, I put this in a sleeve immediately. There is also a faint impression of a price in the top-right corner. was thinking $50 shipped is fair. Don't want to go less than that, regardless of the repress news. Thanks.
  9. I have a Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree on black vinyl from back in 2005 or 2006 when it came out. I am the original owner and bought it new. I might not have ever played it. Maybe once. It's in Near Mint condition, and I put it in a sleeve as soon as it was opened. Post here first and then PM me if you'd like to make an offer. Thank you.
  10. youlooksogood

    Hostage Calm LP (RFC 021) pressing information?

    Ok, so I just took pictures, but now I see I can't post pictures that are more than a megabyte. So...ummm...it's real. I swear? Bought from the singer at a show and he said they still had some left from that anniversary show. Like I said, it's clear, but in the normal cover, so...? And mine wasn't the only copy. There was at least the display copy that was clear also. It's pressed by Lucky. Jeff, maybe Tom should talk to Chris.
  11. youlooksogood

    Hostage Calm LP (RFC 021) pressing information?

    Yeah, I messaged Jeff (runforcover) through here a few days ago, but I haven't heard anything from him. Figured I'd just post on here and see if anybody knew. Definitely anxious to hear something from Jeff though. If he messages me, I'll post his response regarding all the pressing info in this thread.
  12. youlooksogood

    Hostage Calm LP (RFC 021) pressing information?

    Eric, I read about that. But was that the same clear vinyl edition that was only sold at some anniversary show they had for the album? If so, I read that apparently that one was supposed to (I don't know if it ever did) have a special silk-screened cover. However, mine is just a normal printed cover, like I think the regular edition is (it's one piece folded and it opens right to left--like a book would). It's not like a typical LP 'jacket'. Just curious. I've never had so much trouble finding pressing information on an LP. Is that pathetic? lol.
  13. youlooksogood

    Hostage Calm LP (RFC 021) pressing information?

    Lol. Thanks for the info. Had to laugh though. I have it on clear. So??? lol. Anyone?