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  1. Resurrection time - 18 months later i finally got me a new deck after my SP10 mkii finally died. It was the main chip that you cant get a replacement for and not the PSU as i had hoped. Nevertheless, i replaced it with an SL1200G. The SL1200G is brutal in that it really shows up a bad recording. I put on Bloody Kisses from the 1st box set which sound pretty good to my ears on my previous setup, but sounded somewhat flat. I checked again with a record i always use to ensure that my cart and tonearm is set up ok (Tom Waits Closing Time - Sounded great). I then stuck on the ROG version which, di
  2. I think Y&G is great now. I originally thought it was a bit long winded at the time but didn't mind the more melodic direction. But over the years i've really gotten into it more and more. Most of my favourite albums that i keep returning to are the ones that take a while to completely click. Purple was great, bar the production, so have high hopes for this
  3. Would anyone be able to help me out with a copy of the South Park LP. Although it's already ridiculously priced in the States, here in the UK the price is looking to be £200 ($260 ) Absolutely mental!!!
  4. Mods store had the US edition in for a short time yesterday/today - all sold out now! Can get it here though : https://www.amoeba.com/eton-alive-green-vinyl-lp-sleaford-mods/albums/4105161/
  5. My TT PSU should be back with me early next week, hopefully if it gets everything working again, TON bloody kisses was the 1st record i was going to throw on. I was going to do a listening test between the RSD, MOV and the box set version. The box set version has the best image quality - Why did they airbrush the blood off the girls face in the 2 newest editions????
  6. No company will ever say they will do that, especially to someone anonymous via email. Gives customs the green light to start flagging their packages and also get them into bother. FWIW as stated earlier, i'm in the UK and yet to be charged for a TMR release.
  7. Just found out that the Type O - Bloody Kisses was a US release. I realise it's a long shot, but if anyone could get me a copy (I'm in the UK) it would be totally appreciated, i'll throw in some extra for the hassle!
  8. Received mine today as well ( Also to Aberdeen ), absolute steal at that price!
  9. Some Krampus Pic Discs back up for those that missed out http://waxworkrecords.com/collections/vinyl/products/krampus
  10. I thought there was maybe a problem with my stylus, switched to Nick Cave - NMSWP, nope sounded great. Gave the record a clean, still sounds shit.
  11. If they've cancelled it, consider yourself lucky. Finally got to spin it at the weekend and the mastering is terrible. Easily one of the worst, if not the worst sounding records i own. Such a shame, great tunes too.
  12. Received my copy from the Pledgemusic PO, in the UK yesterday, but never had to sign for it. I also noticed the Texas/Germany labeling on the packaging too. Still waiting on other items too, anyone stateside or otherwise received prints or anything yet?
  13. What does your daily food intake look like, i know you said you've drastically cut back on meat, so what has this been replaced with? I'm currently doing a modified 5/3/1/deload, and am eating like a horse to stick around 180lb at around 5'7" at 40 years old and keep making gains. Am just thinking that the 5/3/1 may be hard to work without the good protein from meat and dairy. Also, good to do a deload week, i wish i'd implemented this in my youth, as i'm certain it would have saved me a couple of trips to physio's over the years. You mention going "super heavy" next month, would it not be

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