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  1. Same. It did say June 19 when ordered but got UPS tracking # today. They canceled my Dusty Springfield from another order tho, which I sampled on YouTube after I ordered. That’s one I’m NOT disappointed won’t be arriving.
  2. When I ordered Nick Drake last night it said it wasn’t expected ship until June 19.
  3. Also grabbed that Nick Drake. Been meaning to pick up Pink Moon, now I will..
  4. That bites. I’ve ordered regular editions and been surprised a few times to get limited variants.
  5. I had a cart full of about 6 other titles (Hellraiser 2&3, Silence of The Lambs, Lost, Black Panther) but dumped them for this after listening.
  6. Mine came yesterday, all perfect and was surprised The Cult was the pink although it’s opaque pink and not even close to Music On Vinyl’s pre-production pics, as usual. Still cool. would have grabbed some more but planning to spend a chunk on a big local sale next week.
  7. Thanks! Cannot beat 4 albums for the price of 1! Even when they show colored vinyl but turn out to be black. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Blues Traveler The Cult Jim James Band of Skulls $26.65
  8. 6” works great for albums https://www.michaels.com/studio-decor-twisted-wire-easel/M10288326.html
  9. I jumped on this without realizing the Searching For Mona Lisa tracks weren’t on here and I could have grabbed it for 11 bucks.
  10. http://santana.limitedrun.com/categories/all they’re saying 500 exclusive color variants with animated slipmat, 250 of which are allocated to autographed bundles with hoodies etc starting at $160, and 50 test pressings ($300!). The other 250 available separately (with slipmat) for $38 shipped or with T-shirt/CD bundles. Shipping June 7th
  11. Will be sweet if it actually turned out as pictured but I suspect that record is gonna look like pea soup diarrhea in reality, and might look half that nice when held up to a lightbulb.
  12. Code received, just ordered Son Little’s New Magic blue vinyl (And a $1 pin since a zero balance order wouldn’t go thru). Thanks for posting the promo!
  13. And you know the records aren’t going to look like that ‘copper foil’ bit. They’ll be a muddy gold.