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  1. Always loved Kick Out The Jams so much, but Back In The USA was such a letdown follow-up. They sounded like a different band on that one. Do people enjoy that record?
  2. robes

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Pretty sure the Nevermind reissue that has been available for the last couple years is pressed at Pallas (even says so on the sticker on the cover), and I believe it's more or less the same as the ORG pressing from several years ago. Unless there's a newer/different pressing of it.
  3. Even then, let's say you add on $1 for the price of a mailer and packing per order, it's still about $10 less than what they are charging. I totally get how overseas shipping can sometimes be crazy expensive, especially being in Canada where it sometimes costs an arm and leg to send something overseas. But something doesn't add with this scenario, especially given the above example, and also the fact that they aren't using the extra $$$ to ship this express or with any tracking, since it's taking a while to get to North America.
  4. Please note that initially when these went up, they were charging $20 to ship the bundle, now it somehow turned into $36, which is a bit dubious.
  5. robes

    PO: Billy Corgan - OGILALA

    What a prick
  6. Gonna bump this thread with a couple noteworthy releases that I just pre-ordered: New Benoit Pioulard LP on Beacon Sound, 500 copies, (Pre-order): http://www.wearebeaconsound.com/shop/lignin-poise New Secret Pyramid LP on Ba Da Bing, the tracks posted sound wonderful (Pre-order): https://badabingrecords.bandcamp.com/album/two-shadows-collide
  7. It's hard to pinpoint one reason why I think it was more powerful back in the day. Probably a few things combined together. They played material solely from the first three releases only, which IMHO, are their crown achievements. Hearing all of F#A# was immense, especially the Dead Flag Blues outro, which is beautiful live. Also, having a cellist back in the day added another layer to the sound, especially for playing the older material. Also, this doesn't take away from the recent shows, but you have to remember that back then, post-rock was still pretty fresh, so seeing this stuff blasted live was something fairly new to me (and others), which added to the resonance at the time. Not really trying to take away from their recent performances, which are still very, very good.
  8. I remember seeing these guys live in '99, and 2000 and it was absolutely incredible, especially the 2000 show. Arguably top 3 show of all time for me. I'm glad to see them really active these days, releasing new music and touring, but the reunion shows that I've seen, while really good, don't really compare to the sheer power of their stuff back in the day.
  9. I don't know, to me it basically sounds like the same version/arrangement as the Pinkpop version, but done in the studio. I like it, but I can definitely see why they left it off the album/b-sides.
  10. robes


    Are these new ones Australian pressings, or will they be widely available?
  11. I reckon this will be much like the white ASMP, it won't be that hard to find for a short while after the release date.
  12. As much as I love this band, I really wouldn't want to see another In Rainbows box set, they pretty much nailed it the first time around, and included the b-sides bonus material. No need to rehash it again in a different package. I could see them repressing a few more copies of the original box set though, that I could live with.
  13. robes

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Is this through their website? the link above just goes to the ebay.com main page.