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  1. That was a great price, sadly I missed that one. I did find this one though, Secret Pyramid "Embers", if you're into ambient/drone stuff. Great price at $15.14, much less than the label: https://www.amazon.ca/Embers-Vinyl-Secret-Pyramid/dp/B08J1SK797/
  2. How is Deep Discount's shipping packaging these days? Still using those flimsy mailers?
  3. New Secret Pyramid album on Geographic North sounds glorious, limited edition blue vinyl pre-order: https://secretpyramid.bandcamp.com/album/embers
  4. The invoice/fees thing is ok, but the required shipping policy will be a nightmare, especially for international shipping.
  5. This is essential punk music, will grab one once they hit stores.
  6. It's so sad that a certain group in the US has been working so hard to destroy the postal service. This really screws over small businesses and consumers.
  7. This seems right. Also, check how much it costs to ship a record to the Netherlands from the US now, you'll be surprised it isn't that much cheaper.
  8. Gotcha. FWIW, I'm pretty sure US distros may get it, and also some other EU retailers with cheaper shipping options to the US.
  9. I mean no disrespect, but $13 for shipping a record in between two countries and continents is actually a decent price for most record collectors who don't live in the USA. Sadly, not everyone has access to media mail prices.
  10. Unplugged has already been widely available on vinyl. Tacking on a few rehearsal tracks on a vinyl release isn't really essential. Think about it, they're rehearsals, they were never meant to be released. As for Paramount and the L&L, they are great performances, but unless you're a die hard fan, they're not really essential to Nirvana, like the albums are.
  11. At this point they're just rehashing the same releases, and putting out non-essential cash grabs.
  12. Unfortunately, he has a history of questionable behavior, especially towards women.
  13. Recital just put up a few copies for sale on their website. But it's without the CD and they're charging $40 per copy, which is kinda lame if you ask me.
  14. If you don't know how Harold Budd is connected to Eno and some of his records, then I say you should go do some research.
  15. I don't think Budd is necessarily standing in the way of this happening, it's just that once more people are involved in a project, it may lead to delays and certain complications. I have a feeling that those Eno/Budd albums will get eventually reissued as well, but they might take a bit longer. FWIW, some of the most seminal Budd albums haven't been reissued on vinyl such as: Pavilion of Dreams, Lovely Thunder, White Arcades, etc.
  16. There already is a decent reissue of Ambient 3 out, and Ambient 2 might be complicated since it isn't solely Eno, as Budd is involved as well.
  17. I didn't realize people were so into signed LPs.
  18. Seems absurd to only repress 300 copies of this classic without any distribution, and as mentioned above, with crazy shipping prices.
  19. Always loved Kick Out The Jams so much, but Back In The USA was such a letdown follow-up. They sounded like a different band on that one. Do people enjoy that record?
  20. Pretty sure the Nevermind reissue that has been available for the last couple years is pressed at Pallas (even says so on the sticker on the cover), and I believe it's more or less the same as the ORG pressing from several years ago. Unless there's a newer/different pressing of it.

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