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  1. got some trades yesterday, southern bastards vol 1, geiger trade, department of truth vol 1, that texas blood vol 1, eclipse vol 1, descender vol 1, outcast vol 1, attack on titan vol 6. should be a good couple of days at working reading these
  2. finished undiscovered country vol 1. not too bad either
  3. finished oblivion song vol 1. excellent. need to get me vol 2 soon. might hit some local stores for the black friday sales and see whats up
  4. picked up saga vol 2, realm vol 1, star blazers 2199 omni vol1/2 for $25 on ebay. not too bad
  5. attack is good. i read kaisen vol 1 and it didnt do much for me. ill probably be dropping that one and just stick to aot. ill read berserk sometime this week finished Saga vol 1, enjoyed it. need to get vol 2 soon. also read Die vol 1 enjoyed it as well.
  6. it happens. mostly to talk about books/comics/manga nowadays
  7. sold everything i had like a month ago. hadnt bought a record in like a yr or two. it was time to move on
  8. im glad this becky/charlotte is first. only match i wanted to see. this card is just meh. then again i havent seen a ppv since RR earlier this yr.
  9. ive read vol 1 and i enjoyed it. so just went ahead and got the others. need to pick 6/7
  10. im gonna be honest ive never seen any anime other than a few pokemon ones. i didnt even know all these animes were mangas. im reading attack on titan as well. just finished vol 5. picked up Berzerk vol 1 as well last week. i know they have the big omnibus stuff but i never buy those. i dont wanna carry that big book in my back/hand when i go places. i like individual volumes and what not. im giving up singles when it comes to comics and just going for trades now.
  11. picked up chainsaw man 1-5, jujutsu kaisen 1, oblivion song vol 1, saga vol 1, bloodshot reborn vol 1, divinity vol 1. should be a good week of reading at work
  12. i use goodreads here and there. bought and read paper girls vol 1/2. pretty good so far. need the last 6 issues to finish daredevil. picked up new venom ill read that tomorrow along with the latest high republic/star wars issues. also been reading some manga lately. started with attack on titan, chainsaw man, and a couple of others.
  13. gonna look into them atm im catching up on everything ive bought from last year and like 2019 ive caught up with star wars, we only find them when theyre dead. i have daredevil, marvel and venom to catch up on. also got bounty hunters to read along with doctor aphra and that texas blood. also caught up with sleeping beauties. also really enjoyed the first issue of nice house on the lake. so looking forward to catching up with that. man too many books. not enough time/money. suckage
  14. yeah i seen saga is coming back. eventually im gonna get some tpbs for some say gideon/saga/paper girls and probably oblivion song as well.
  15. i feel yall. ive been into comics the past 3 years so ive been on that for a bit. idk if it was worth it, ill probably regret it later but oh well.

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