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  1. i had played knockout city before when it came out but didnt give it a shot too much but now im really enjoying it. fun game
  2. eff that. trooper on baby!! yeah no bueno. speedy recovery hopefully
  3. im on issue 34 of Saga. although i have only been reading comics for 3 years, this is probably the best comic i have read so far during my time reading comics. i was on issue 13 earlier today now on 34. went by like nothing. also finished southern bastards and eclipse. pretty good as well
  4. i watch aew all the time. i dont watch wwe anymore just the rumble and mania (except for last year). i did watch nxt before all these releases/free agents etc. also fkn jimmy rave. that sucks. ;/
  5. just finished paper girls right meow. i was afraid it was gonna end like them parting ways but glad it didnt. 4 of the coolest young girls.
  6. finished southern, outcast, truth, blood, eclipse, and descender. all were good. need to stop buying vol 1s and work on finishing some lol got saga vol 2 today. will read tomorrow at work.
  7. got some trades yesterday, southern bastards vol 1, geiger trade, department of truth vol 1, that texas blood vol 1, eclipse vol 1, descender vol 1, outcast vol 1, attack on titan vol 6. should be a good couple of days at working reading these
  8. finished undiscovered country vol 1. not too bad either
  9. finished oblivion song vol 1. excellent. need to get me vol 2 soon. might hit some local stores for the black friday sales and see whats up
  10. picked up saga vol 2, realm vol 1, star blazers 2199 omni vol1/2 for $25 on ebay. not too bad
  11. attack is good. i read kaisen vol 1 and it didnt do much for me. ill probably be dropping that one and just stick to aot. ill read berserk sometime this week finished Saga vol 1, enjoyed it. need to get vol 2 soon. also read Die vol 1 enjoyed it as well.
  12. it happens. mostly to talk about books/comics/manga nowadays
  13. sold everything i had like a month ago. hadnt bought a record in like a yr or two. it was time to move on
  14. im glad this becky/charlotte is first. only match i wanted to see. this card is just meh. then again i havent seen a ppv since RR earlier this yr.