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  1. I'll tell you what I'm not playing, obviously i mean CP 20 whatever although I'm actually now starting/playing god of war. bought it like early this year for 2.99 and now just playing it. got about an hr into it atm. not too bad.
  2. https://hypnoticdirgerecords.bandcamp.com/album/damp-chill-of-life
  3. i had covid at the end of July along with my brother and dad. brother brought it in from a girl he was seeing. low fever and light headaches. then taste/smell gone after about 4 days or so. lasted for maybe another 4 days. after that the fever went away and headaches as well. smell and taste came back. still quarantined for another 2 weeks. brother bad a cough and dad was fatigued at times. since then it's been good. some counties nearby have issued a curfew once again. for the most part everything is still ok in my city and nearby cities. always got my sanitizer and gloves just in case i go l
  4. saw this was name your price on Bandcamp so why not post http://neurosis.bandcamp.com/album/fires-within-fires
  5. anyone made any before? like idk out of cardboard or something else? I tried google but I couldn't really find anything. maybe i was searching for the wrong thing/keywords better off buying them?
  6. Joan Shelley, had never heard of her before your post. i dig it. kudos
  7. did i miss anything good? haven't been on in a while. finally got home internet, so we back.
  8. i saw that. shame dollar general no longer sells the my cash PayPal cards id use to buy stuff. no bank account. suckage. will figure something out. all vinyled out atm. not sure if that's how you even spell all vinyled out but that's where im at with that. everyone stay safe
  9. i had to pass on black tomb. $50 is just crazy. i know i know overseas etc but just couldn't do it. ill stick with my cassette copy and mp3s for now. i envy you all who live in the big cities/or nearby to where these bands travel to. will check out all those links from nacho man a few pages back. my agents of oblivion showed up last week or so, that's a plus

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