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  1. I remember hearing this sounds like poopoo, which makes this an easy pass when it’s that pricy. Loved this EP when it was released, but if “Stilts” doesn’t sound pristine I don’t want it.
  2. I *could* be mistaken, but at this point it just kind of feels like it's Nick's band and they're all just living in it.
  3. Yeaaaa I have more in outstanding orders with him than I wanna admit. Every now and then I’ll get drunk and fire off a mean e-mail at him, but otherwise I never really expect to see anything in return.
  4. No… I just popped this on to see if I even wanna consider it… before opting out due to the inevitable awful price tag.
  5. Ex-members of Creepoid with members of Bad Sports, Radioactivity, etc… Great EP.
  6. Big time… but I sure am not one to complain! Lol… this sale reminded me how hard it was to not drop a bill when records were priced like this.
  7. Scooped up a lot, but mostly excited about getting the 3xLP “Stay Positive.”
  8. Shocked that any of these are still available at those pressing numbers… just listened to my picture disc and am debating purchasing these. It really doesn’t sound bad at all, but I’m wondering if these might add a little something. Regardless, also came here to say I miss Var.
  9. I wish that “Straight Ahead” pressing was being offered state-side, but I’m still not ruling out purchasing.

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