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  1. Received an email telling me that the pressing plant told them February.
  2. Do wanna get this discussion somewhat back on track and mention that my cartel and ftsk order came in looking ace and sound fantastic and I will definitely be looking forward to this one. Keep up the good work, @thedillon (I think you’re local to DFW, so that’s a total bonus getting to support a killer local business)
  3. It definitely takes a lot longer than a few seconds - especially when you’re concerned with not damaging the product. But let’s say you’re right, and it only takes a few seconds. Then let’s multiply that by the amount of people that will ask for their orders to be specifically packaged. And, you know what, let’s factor in how the USPS is suffering massive setbacks. If it’s not bitching about a product coming in slightly damaged, then it’s on with the bitching about how long it’s taking. It’s pretty much lose-lose for this company who simply wants to bring you the music you want to hear. Now let’s consider how I have thousands of vinyl, and how SO MANY of them have seam splits, and how this has affected neither the sound quality nor my enjoyment of the packaging itself. I’m just speaking from experience here, but if you’re worried about things like seam splits when you’re collecting records then you really should consider a new hobby.
  4. Tbh, your entitlement is kinda bogus. These things take time and effort, and you’re just assuming that they can handle requests of that magnitude even during a pandemic when most businesses are functioning at lower capacity. If this company were to take specific requests from every individual that orders from them, the amount of problems that could arise are astronomical. Try to consider things like this when kicking and screaming certain services be rendered in order to prevent something that MIGHT happen.
  5. I apparently sent an email when I was a little tipsy last night... will let you know if I get a response.
  6. Their alt-right drummer is now responding and this is turning into quite the shit show...
  7. Yea, I also hope that the person that openly supports a man who is neither inclusive NOR accepting finds a label that’s cool with that? Do you even know what’s happening in the world? This dude didn’t get cancelled (or whatever) because he attended a (klan) rally, he did that amidst a pandemic, and openly supports the big orange douche. I don’t have to imagine him getting cancelled for simply “attending a rally” because the idiot went and made it a reality.
  8. Hahahaha stfu. Keep your eyes outta here if you wanna avoid politics. So fucking stupid. The phrase “Keep politics out of my ____” has gotta be one of the dumbest things I consistently come across. Grow a fucking backbone or stay the fuck off the Internet.
  9. Those dudes party too hard to ever be douchebags like this. Long live Obituary.
  10. NOFX haven’t really mattered to me since “Pump Up the Valuum.” That being said, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I dug their last one, though I haven’t really revisited it since it’s release. I figure I’ll give this one a chance... you never know with these guys?
  11. Thought about this the other day and lamenting missing the last exclusive due to membership lapse. Definitely got in on this one... the FOMO is real with this band.
  12. Def it crazy. Started to think I was since I mentioned it a few times and no one confirmed... until now.
  13. It’s becoming more and more apparent the screen prints were randomly inserted. It is what it is but I just honestly wish I hadn’t bought into this at all and held out for a better pressing, if ever. These kinda sound like shit. Very thin sounding. I put on another record after listening to these two and had to turn the volume way down.
  14. Finally got mine. Right variants on each, but no additional stuff. I know I got my order in with the first 300, but mine are numbered 396, and I’m bummed I didn’t get that alt artwork. At this point I’m just glad to have these goddamn records. I just hope none of my favorite acts work with this dumb label again. The amount of buffoonery surrounding this release is top notch garbage. I knew the second that I saw it was smartpunk that this shitshow would blow chunks and be late, but never thought it’d be this flurry of misinformation and bad service. Fingers crossed that these pressings don’t sound as bad as some earlier reviews I’ve read.
  15. Yea - overpriced, unofficial releases and tax evasion. I wonder how they got in the hole with PayPal on top of all that? Leaves very little room for feeling bad for the dude.
  16. 20k is a whooooole lotta debt! No way he’s gonna make it back. Kinda surprised anyone is donating, TBH.
  17. Yea, the sibilance is strong on my Betty’s Garden variant.
  18. So is Feels Like You remastered? Looks to be the same track list, just think it’d be dope to hear a different take on the album.
  19. Yea, these play fine for me, and I listened all the way through. Definitely noticed a bowl warp on at least one of them, but I’m hoping you’ll find the same outcome.
  20. In for that wax mage if I can grab it in time. They’re usually what, $50-60?
  21. Already received my LFTF 10” and am really enjoying getting a record before I expected for once this year! Also looks and sounds great!

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