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  1. It was annoying to wake up to this entire pressing being almost sold out, but I was lucky enough to nab the /500 without the bag. The colorways are way rad on those bagged copies, but I’ll live... I guess. I hate to love this goddamn hobby.
  2. Yea, this almost feels like another Greatest. It doesn’t quite hit that mark, but the feeling it leaves after a full listen totally shares that same vibe. Really love this album.
  3. Just realized I’m still waiting on that NUFAN. Anybody have any idea when that’s shipping?
  4. Mad World Record Joins a List of Indie Shops in Denton That Are Closing for Good https://www.dallasobserver.com/music/mad-world-records-in-denton-is-closing-11922366
  5. Fingers crossed, but thanks for all the support you've shown throughout the years. This place is near and dear to my heart, so I'd hate to see it go.
  6. Thanks for the support! Hope it arrived to you in good shape... while used can be tricky, we're pretty picky on what we buy. Hopefully we'll be able to update with condition and other information once we get everything actually on the site.
  7. Hey y'all - I work at a small shop in Denton, TX that has just recently opened up a webstore. The future isn't looking too great for us as it stands, so I just wanted to put this link out there in hopes that y'all might find something you like. Currently working on getting some interesting and hard to find shit on there, so it might be worth your time! https://mad-world-records.myshopify.com/ Sorry if this is shameless and self-promoting, or in the wrong section... pretty much just throwing a hail mary out there to see if it'll help us out at all. Thanks for looking. JE
  8. I knew there would be some sort of snafu when they announced Smartpunk would be hosting the orders, but I'm glad to have these pressed. I imagine we'll see some delays and other related shit happening before we get these in our hands.
  9. That clipping release is NOOOOT cheap... This record store day is shaping up to be a good one... lots of stuff that I don't "need" but isn't that what this hobby is all about?
  10. Honestly? That's just the beginning of these types of moments for this album... the whole thing is sprinkled with beautiful moments. Can't easily just pick one.
  11. This may very well be the first thing I ever back... this album absolutely holds up.
  12. Can someone dm me the new address... I seem to have fallen out of the loop on their pressings and I loved their TMNT one.
  13. It was almost like his farewell to the old fanbase. I kinda view Yellowcard's "Underdog EP" like this, too.
  14. Don't think I've seen anything related to Deserta, who just recently put out a new album that I can't stop jamming. Slowdive/Sigur Ros vibes.
  15. I dunno if it's snarky as much as it was just meant to indicate that the recording you're referencing could quite possibly be the superior version that was released on the "So Impossible EP." But you're right about it not being on vinyl previously. Side note - Can someone just repress THAT EP, at least? That shit was the last fully good thing he did before moving on to his full band stuff.
  16. Wish they would just go ahead and press the first two records before SRC has the chance to fuck em up...
  17. It may not be note for note, Mr. Literal, but it took me a good few seconds to realize that it wasn't "Chase This Light." We were all waiting for you to let us know you were going to pass. Don't hold out on us so long next time! I mean, this is a forum, so I'm glad I met your expectations!
  18. That sax solo is god-awful and "Love Never" is essentially a note for note re-recording of "Chase This Light." Ima pass.
  19. Not that this record was recorded super well in the first place, but could the pressings be a little cleaner maybe? I seem to recall No Idea pressings being somewhat hit or miss...
  20. Yea I love that Gratitude album. Hopefully becomes available a little bit cheaper, but I might bite on this once my finances get a bit better.
  21. These two records are the shit. Already have a pretty rad German bootleg of AD, but I may have to snag both of these anyway. Really love those AD shirts and hope somewhere in the US is selling them.

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