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  1. Anybody got a copy of this they're willing to part with?
  2. I ordered the "super mega blah blah" version of the Lemuria Companion LP and it turns out that means they also send you a test press. I have no use for test presses anymore, so if anyone is interested please lmk. I don't have trader feedback because I was a member of this board a long time ago, and apparently things done changed since I've been here last.
  3. Selling some records. Moving to California on Sunday so quick sale. HMU and lets work some deals. Hostage Calm - Lens Record Release Show out of 50 $40 Thrice - Identity Crisis - Black out of 100 $30 Piebald - 3 lp collection w/ all their albums $30 Modern Life is War - Witness Posi Numbers Fest out of 50 $40 Mongoloids - Time Trials This is Hardcore fest edition $20 Hammer Bros - The Kids Are Dead (Pigs Are Dead Record Release cover out of 50) $20 Nofx - They've Actually Gotten Worse Live - color vinyl $70 (you can easily flip this for $100 if you find a Nofx collector) This Charming Man - Every Little Secret (Pre-Gaslight Anthem band, one time pressing from the old Vinyl Collective. black out of 333 copies, never getting repressed) - $50, the less rare copy just sold for $66 on ebay, buy this and flip it.
  4. Sup fools. What did I miss? Anyone old still here?
  5. Thanks dude. I appreciate it. Both of those shows were a lot of fun. Still can't believe I got to do four shows with Kinane last week. To people that saw either of Kinane's 3 sets over the weekend, they all had different stories told. He was pretty well lit by the time he went up for the last show Sunday night and it was a glorious, strange, beautiful time. No matter when you saw him you got something special which is sort of why I love him. Favorite sets of Fest on my end were House Boat, Shook Ones, Broadway Calls, and watching Braid twice Saturday (soundcheck and real set). A serious delight all around. Now to get over this cold I gave myself.
  6. Yep. Stoked. I feel like an old man telling kids to guard themselves online but jesus I can't help but think this is a good thing. http://www.the1stfive.com/news/is-anyone....ill-a-bad-ide a
  7. It's gory, but it's not like Saw. I think the humor will keep her having fun. My wife hates things like Saw but loved this.
  8. Yes sir it is. Still one of the funniest episodes of anything ever. Booyeah, yes. Yes you will. This is the rare horror movie that I think will be beloved by people who adore horror and people who think it's all cliches. Shit is incredible.
  9. This is a spoiler free review. Shorter version is simply "go see this fucking movie". If you love horror you will lose your mind. http://www.the1stfive.com/news/movie-review-cabin-in-the-woods
  10. National Underground took down that page. Here's the list. http://www.the1stfive.com/news/the-fest-11-announces-bands-dates-and-pre-sale-tickets-braid-lagwagon-red-fang-torche-shook-ones-and-more-playing Pre-registration on Thursday is a great idea. Stoked to go again.
  11. Stand Up! Records is putting this out. Three colors. Pretty stoked. http://www.the1stfive.com/news/kyle-kinanes-death-of-the-party-getting-a-vinyl-release
  12. Isn't that so their pensions won't go under funded? You know like how the rest of the pensions are underfunded because they don't have such measures in place. Nope. You can fund pensions without paying 5.5 billion a year forward on them. This is paying billions a year for pensions in the future, with money they don't have. Other pension programs are currently underfunded because A) they were put into unsafe investments because funds were taken out of the pensions to pay for other things C) people weren't paying enough into their pensions in the first place or funds weren't matched. As for your link, I'm happy to see they lowered it to ten from the original 75. I don't have time to double check if that's true or not but I tend to trust PBS. It's still an insane and unfair liability to add to a nonprofit entity that has been razed of funding and taken massive cuts in staffing. It's not necessary and it's an active action to kill one of great institutions of this country.
  13. It's a horrible job full of danger and it provides a necessary service for the country. It's worth $22 an hour.
  14. This is an absolute falsehood. The only problem the post office has right now is that, thanks to a Republican Congress vote in December 2006, they are required to pay $5 billion annually in pre-payments toward retiree health benefits for 75 years into the future. It was an intentional act of sabotage to kill the post office. And it's working because no one does any research. It's insane and it's an easy problem to fix.
  15. I sort of feel bad for them. Then I remember they could have funded an entire record label for what they spent on themselves.
  16. If you've read the Time magazine article this is a rebuttal. If you haven't we link to it in the piece. Zac did a great job with this. http://www.the1stfive.com/features/how-to-be-in-a-band-and-not-spend-100k-do-things-right
  17. I just got one. Not sold out yet. Or the out of 100 is sold out and I just paid way too much for the black vinyl. Oh well. I love Jeff. Worth it.
  18. Watching rural Georgia Tool fans watching YOB is going to be be awesome.
  19. Thanks Juan. It's nice to already like a new album four days into the year. http://www.the1stfive.com/news/kayo-dot-self-release-new-album-gamma-knife
  20. All We Love We Leave Behind. Picture of a shirt featuring the album title is at the link. Cause I have nothing else to do today. http://www.the1stfive.com/news/converges-new-album-to-be-titled-all-we-love-we-leave-behind
  21. Post them or link to them. Here's mine, Juan, and Patron's. Only thing I'd change is not forgetting that Daytrader record came out this year. http://www.the1stfive.com/features/the-1st-fives-best-of-2011-list http://www.the1stfive.com/features/assistant-editor-patrick-mceachnies-2011-end-of-the-year-list http://www.the1stfive.com/features/juan-diniz-end-of-the-year-2011-list-albums-and-vinyl-edition