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  1. Interesting. Reminds me a lot to American Football with a touch of shoegaze, imo.
  2. Pixies - Indie Candy. Not sure if this is regular or rsd version. Pre-order.
  3. managed to pick up Strife and Mae from Amoeba. now I need ABR, VSQ and Pop Yeh Yeh compilation.
  4. I got a friend of mine a copy of Ghostbuster 10". A store here yesterday only allowed one person per RSD title as they got very limited supplies and the only store that got copies of RSd stuff. Bought none for myself.
  5. Hi guys! I'm wondering if any kind soul here help me with this titles : August Burns Red - Thrill Seeker Strife - In This Defiance V/A Pop Yeh Yeh: Psychedelic Rock Willing to add in a few bucks for the trouble. just fyi, Pop Yeh Yeh is a genre that was popular here in Malaysia during the 60s (as still is!). If you like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, then you might wanna give that compilation a try. It's the most sought after RSD title here right now in Malaysia. Only one store here got few copies of it and sold out not long after that.
  6. awesome! got this album as well as their previous. Lovesongsfortheemotionallywounded will always be my fave!
  7. Mcpherson123, just let it be. don't worry on that. I agree with heypeterman on the VAT explanation. Now the thing that we should worry if they gonna have enough stock to fulfill all the demands.
  8. Pre-order for retail version is up now!! http://www.transgressive.co.uk/release/relationshipofcommand2ndpress http://www.amazon.co.uk/Relationship-Command-VINYL-At-Drive/dp/B00D3NVCLW/ref=sr_1_5?m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1370567609&sr=1-5
  9. If anyone wanna buy Cave In and Linkin Park, then might wanna try here. A bit higher tho on the price : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cave-In-Until-Your-Heart-Stops-LP-Record-Store-Day-RSD-2013-/151031823566?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item232a32bcce
  10. anybody got extra to sell? mine still haven't arrived and so far it's almost 2 months now after i made a deal with a vc'er here.
  11. Not related to Incubus vinyl release, but here's a cover by Yuna from Malaysia with Mike Einziger on guitar. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/mhcP02kDQGw
  12. Perhaps this thread should be renamed "When I was 13..". hahah