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  1. Im a dummy and havent picked these up when they were more reasonable. Anyone looking to get rid of either or both of these?
  2. Yeah I was like $36 WTF lol stupid Australia
  3. the poison city variants still available, i jumped on them quick yesterday
  4. yeah im loving the Technics just for the ease of use. I ended up going big with KLH Model 5 speakers and a reasonable priced tube amp, im pretty happy with it although i need to upgrade the cart
  5. Ive only got about 20 hours on the Technics and I made massive speaker and amp upgrades so hard to tell actual difference. i figured if i went with a Rega or some other belt drive option i would never again try a direct drive so wanted to give it a shot. No deficits though and its sturdy and sounds great
  6. yeah i wanted to move to a direct drive. ive loved my TT15 but my son accidentally broke the stylus on the clearaudio cart shortly after i bought it and it was too much to get a new one so I bought a Grado Gold (still great) and enjoyed it fine. Very aesthetically pleasing as well, just wanted to make a change. Also, a bit finicky with the motor position, occasionally would get a little too close to the body and would make a hum (there is a hole cut in the chassis that fits over the motor but not to touch it - like a game of operation). not a deal breaker just something that annoyed me
  7. i used to use the ultrasonic cleaner from Amazon and was very unpleased with the cobbled together approach personally. Agree its doable, but Id rather spinclean
  8. stupid bougie purchase or valuable piece of equipment? what would be your ideal cleaning platform?
  9. Just to be clear, reporting it to the CC would be requesting a charge reversal for item not received/as described, not suggesting you should claim you didnt make the charge (i.e. card stolen)
  10. guess i didnt realize that but its super obvious and makes sense that they wouldnt be going to the trouble of pressing 300-500 copies of an OOP album on their own. and yeah they arent cheap but usually free shipping and i find that im able to get more things at once through them then buying each release on its own. i dont know, i dont hate it but they definitely have a premium
  11. And I have no problem with what Newbury wants to do. They press things that other people arent and do it in a ultra limited fashion, plus the pressings look great.

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