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  1. Offerings was really really top 10 of 2018 good
  2. disappointing that the plant wouldnt correct it, were there tests? I suspect they had labels
  3. Yeah its a great looking record, shame about the spindle. I will say, I think most of us were expecting something comically large, I could totally see how this could happen, especially without center labels, which actually may/do support the edge of the spindle hole somewhat
  4. i thought for sure this was going to be a post where i got to bust out my knowledge of where to buy a 7.3 mm drill bit for spindle hole upsizing, but alas, an even weirder thread. ive never heard of this and theres no way a plant that presses records could accidentally do this right?
  5. i love my 4 copies i already have of this, so ill probably pass....probably
  6. Nah I meant stan like “this band can do no wrong” as in I even love DOTB . I think this album is very good but to say it’s better than GOE or TOT I mean GTFOH

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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