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  1. shamrocks

    Po : Slow Crush - Aurora

    would love to get a splatter or starburst if anyone is selling
  2. shamrocks

    Athletics - BFRSD

    for f*** sake with this site
  3. shamrocks

    Athletics - BFRSD

    is this the thing where you can deplete the store stock by adding them all to your cart? If so, stop the madness!
  4. shamrocks

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    havent seen if night flowers has been mentioned since this post but Im in love with their debut LP (Wild Notion) black vinyl available from UK but Ill wait until some copies show up stateside perhaps. My favorite dream pop/shoegaze of the year, not reinventing the wheel but still v good RIYL Pains of being Pure, Beach House, Alvvays https://nightflowers.bandcamp.com/album/wild-notion
  5. just reminds me that discogs needs a "items in your wantlist" feature when browsing a users collection i know why they dont do it but man it would be nice when trying to buy things
  6. well the show was fantastic. Julien is clearly the headliner but Lucy ands Phoebe easily could be as well. All brought great energy. 8-9 songs from each, about 45-50 minute sets, followed by the entire boygenius EP (all six songs). 3 hours 45 minutes but never felt too long. Hard to say if that will remain consistent throughout the tour but what a great show, would recommend it highly.
  7. 50 splatter per show there were only a few left when I went through so I didn’t try to buy two but some of the very early people did (I was there an hour early and the line was 50 deep), I suspect these won’t be impossible to come by, likely /1000 at worst
  8. shamrocks

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    did the single marker series go up for auction?
  9. ill be at the ryman opening night of this tour pretty excited
  10. ill probably just stick with my OG unless they bust out a different variant.
  11. shamrocks

    I need help!

    those A5+ cost about $400 if im not mistaken, id prefer wired speakers and traditionatl amplifier but i understand your needs may vary
  12. shamrocks

    PO: Wilco 10 LP Box Set

    are there really only 10 of these?i agree the price is ridiculous and the wood is LOL but thats pretty rare
  13. shamrocks

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    any pressing variant on this?
  14. Both of those clock in at right around 60 minutes based upon track listings. This does push the limits of reasonable. The comments on 3FH are overall not positive.
  15. shamrocks

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    This is so good. My seal of approval, its an exhausting listen!