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  1. this request is wild. i guess ill have to listen to both mine tonight to see if i can tell the difference
  2. Yeah Im bad about this too, and I think you are right about coverage under homeowners but they cap that at some point so you may be sacrificing coverage somewhere else. As my collection has grown (also guitars and music 'stuff') ive thought about an add-on policy just dont know where to look or what to go with
  3. why would people not give a shit about Foxing or side projects, especially those visiting the Foxing thread
  4. Anyone seen Slow Crush live recently? They are here tonight trying to figure out if I want to hunt for my earplugs and go
  5. finally able to do this, the site looks totally different for me now, no idea why. ANYWAY, happy to have it done
  6. but i guess when you only make one record every 6 or 7 years this is how it is
  7. i dont hate the new version but lol at $50 shipped i mean come on
  8. i call dibs on the next spot that opens up, i still cant get an order to go through
  9. it does on chrome, but then the pull down doesnt work and i cant add anything to the cart