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  1. secretly society has been hit or miss over the years but eternally grateful that they have supported the molina releases
  2. yeah i went with the BSM version but that bandcamp /1000 looks v nice. BSM still has copies of the debut as well edit: NEVERMIND not for $33 shipped US lol when they converted it into US currency I was like "awesome they ship from here as well" does not appear that way
  3. i get it but if PUP can get 25K records on 10 variants i just wonder if it isnt getting a little better
  4. seems like the pressing plant backlogs are better now that adele, sheeran and taylor are done
  5. ive got no problem paying a premium for this stuff if it helps support phils work
  6. interesting the "this is final" tag. was "In 2020" the final microphones album? I guess so, maybe we get a Mt Eerie box when hes done with that
  7. Derek, i definitely open and examine everything, ill change out sleeves sometimes if its something that deserves a MoFi sleeve, but so many times its somthing older that Ive heard a ton or something I ordered 6 months ago, like you said. Im trying not to listen to new orders until they arrive but thats really tough for records that you are excited for. All in all its not that big a deal but it definitely impacts the experience I do chronicle most of my listening here https://www.instagram.com/thedrizzleisin/ (and looking at the number of posts it makes me wonder if maybe I have spun more than half the collection since ive only been on there for 6 years or so)
  8. do you all use anything special to catalogue everything? i have a 49 page word document that i search when i find something ive been looking for but i cant remember if I already have it (anyone else?), discogs for pricing and CDPedia (https://www.bruji.com/cdpedia/) as a database, which is pretty customizable and I recommend Theres no way I could start doing it now, but im grateful I have been keeping up with it
  9. good question im at about 3K and been collecting for ~15 years pretty hardcore from minute one. I am trying to whittle down the variants but probably have around 200 duplicates. Less than half of my collection has seen the needle, although Im working on playing a record a day and maybe will eventually have played everything I own (doubtful). i do love the intimacy it. Im lucky because I have a dedicated space for it and I can play anything I want within reason, but Im not a framer nor do I want to keep things mint. I do use this hobby as a way to support artists and shops (and labels like graveface and joyful noise) and so I feel that the physical product has emotional value for me. I listen to most of my music at work or in the car, but it makes me feel more connected to know I own the physical media. Silly, perhaps, but we all have our things and I dont hunt or fish, own a boat or motorcycle, and it keeps me from buying other dumb stuff. my kids have really taken to collecting as well, so thats fun, and Im letting them pick off pieces here and there. Ill almost never play a 7" unless its one of the kooky ones that I find at JNR or some of the vanity presses.
  10. Hospital ships is one of my favorite lesser known bands and that is a great record. SL are also excellent

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