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  1. ugh rough trade sold out while i was checking out
  2. a little surprised that I didnt see this on the patreon, did anyone see it mentioned anywhere?
  3. since these were likely part of a larger set (see https://www.discogs.com/The-Beatles-The-Complete-Single-Works-The-Beatles-45s-1962-70/release/7751430) i suspect they were never individually wrapped. They may be unplayed, however, this seems unlikely. Not a bad item for a collector but not likely to be worth much $$$
  4. comes out to about 190 shipped so i pulled the trigger ive always had good luck with jpc
  5. ive only listened a few times but Nearer was an AOTY candidate for me and I doubt this will crack the top 20 of a pretty mediocre year. I like it fine but was hoping for a bit more
  6. $50 shipped to the US edit: i mean not that bad comparitively
  7. yeah i just ask because ive tried before when someone sent me their username but no link. didnt know if anyone had expert level knowledge
  8. While I cannot help you with a solution, I would like to commend you for an A+ first post
  9. perhaps a really dumb question but should i be expecting to get Vol 3 just by being a member (50/year since 2019) or was there something else i needed to do? Are they sending shipping updates? Thanks
  10. oh wow thats hilarious. this showed up on the feed of new posts for me.
  11. i have an extra glass passenger numbered 0508 shoot me a DM if interested and how much
  12. scott should probably get writing credit on I Need some Of That, huh?
  13. Is this a new feature or has it always been this way...had a record listed for $45 with make offer, accepted an offer for $34 but the buyer decided not to pay, so i cancelled the listing; immediately was bought by someone else for $34. Im not sure if i clicked the "relist item" when i cancelled the order, but i guess i must have ANYWAY it relists for the accepted offer price, I guess. Anyone notice this?
  14. yeah this is the most insane thing to me. i love baseball cards and it would be insane to try to start collecting right now
  15. i honestly think this falls under the category of post-rock, if you are looking for a catch all term that is relatively well known and easy to categorize (surf/punk/noir instrumental doesnt exactly flow off the tongue). Closer to Lights & Motion than Slint, but in there somewhere I think post-rock shares much more with metal than with punk and this fits with the shop demographics

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