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  1. Im a dummy and havent picked these up when they were more reasonable. Anyone looking to get rid of either or both of these?
  2. Yeah I was like $36 WTF lol stupid Australia
  3. the poison city variants still available, i jumped on them quick yesterday
  4. yeah im loving the Technics just for the ease of use. I ended up going big with KLH Model 5 speakers and a reasonable priced tube amp, im pretty happy with it although i need to upgrade the cart
  5. Ive only got about 20 hours on the Technics and I made massive speaker and amp upgrades so hard to tell actual difference. i figured if i went with a Rega or some other belt drive option i would never again try a direct drive so wanted to give it a shot. No deficits though and its sturdy and sounds great
  6. yeah i wanted to move to a direct drive. ive loved my TT15 but my son accidentally broke the stylus on the clearaudio cart shortly after i bought it and it was too much to get a new one so I bought a Grado Gold (still great) and enjoyed it fine. Very aesthetically pleasing as well, just wanted to make a change. Also, a bit finicky with the motor position, occasionally would get a little too close to the body and would make a hum (there is a hole cut in the chassis that fits over the motor but not to touch it - like a game of operation). not a deal breaker just something that annoyed me
  7. i used to use the ultrasonic cleaner from Amazon and was very unpleased with the cobbled together approach personally. Agree its doable, but Id rather spinclean
  8. stupid bougie purchase or valuable piece of equipment? what would be your ideal cleaning platform?
  9. Just to be clear, reporting it to the CC would be requesting a charge reversal for item not received/as described, not suggesting you should claim you didnt make the charge (i.e. card stolen)
  10. guess i didnt realize that but its super obvious and makes sense that they wouldnt be going to the trouble of pressing 300-500 copies of an OOP album on their own. and yeah they arent cheap but usually free shipping and i find that im able to get more things at once through them then buying each release on its own. i dont know, i dont hate it but they definitely have a premium
  11. And I have no problem with what Newbury wants to do. They press things that other people arent and do it in a ultra limited fashion, plus the pressings look great.
  12. went from this (with Marantz 6000 receiver, TT15-S1 TT, and Def Tech BP8 floor speakers) (from 2013) to this (Technics 1500C, TT, Willsenton R8 integrated tube amp, KLH Model 5 speakers). Different room too. Im pretty pleased
  13. my concern would be less about direct damage and more about the elements. Like if they promise delivery in a week or whatever then what climates are visited and how long are thy sitting out. Plus if they are combining shipments theres always the possibility a box gets mixed up or has to go through several instances of loading and unloading. It may be the best option however, assuming you arent going up there and driving them back yourself. Im sure they offer a choice of timelines, would be interesting to see the brealdown. When I moved in town about 10 years ago the collection was about 1K and I used the boxes in this thread and moved them all myself while movers did the other stuff. That was more my OCD sensibility than anything.
  14. I think a lot of it has to do with sync not recognizing some changes. I add all my stuff to playlists and auto-sync, then if there are problem i can just unsync the playlist and re-sync it. I add hundreds of albums at a time but I am meticulous about checking all the metadata, copying album artwork, etc, and still occasionally have glitches.
  15. Not sure if you synced once before the metadata was checked but sometimes ive had a challenge with it picking up changes. I put everything new in a group of playlists automatically that I can then unsync and resync. I dont know if that would help.
  16. Hmm are you actually moving the files over or only syncing the apple music cloud. its possible that the service doesnt recognize the songs or albums.
  17. doesnt look like it will ship to the US. Let me know if you see a way
  18. i might just try out the SL-1500 i have been wanting to get a direct drive but I also like the aesthetic of the modern belt driven tables. thanks for the suggestions, love the look of the KLH and have been eyeing the lintons forever i just completely forget about them! i havent shopped for speakers in so long !
  19. not an audiophile but a dedicated 800 sq ft music room and its a daily use. im suffering from a little bit of boredom. have a marantz TT15-s1 had to replace the cartridge with a grado gold through a marantz 6007 into def tech BP-8 series floor speakers. all great but same setup for 10 years and im moving a bunch of stuff around, thinking about changing to a different setup. Would love to get a vintage dual 1229 or thorens but this marantz has been pretty low maintenance outside of my son breaking the stylus on the clearaudio cart lol. If you were going to upgrade TT in the 500-2K range whats your choice? If you changed TT would you do something different with the amplifier? (marantz integrated) I think I want bookshelf speakers on a floor stand...any recs? I have heard good things about the Klipsch sixes but what do you guys think about bookshelf speakers in general?

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