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  1. stoked, didn't think this would come out til later in the year. gonna press play and wait for a limited variant. edit: holy shit
  2. damn, the one day I go to bed early I miss this pre-order. 😫
  3. if anyone has the pinwheel variant and they're interested in dropping it -- for a reasonable price -- shoot me a pm.
  4. checked out before it was even posted here, somehow. stoked i won't have to worry about it dropping during the afternoon cause i work nights and sleep through a decent part of the day. can't wait to hear the whole thing.
  5. i'm sure the song will grow on those who think it's a little weird at first listen. there doesn't appear to be anything limited in terms of pre-orders either, as you can checkout with 20,000 records.
  6. surprised it hasn't been ripped via someone's usb turntable yet. i remember cstvt's ghost boat b/w rogers alexandra being ripped like the first night it was sold and there were way less copies.
  7. in for a /500. gonna go ahead and echo the sentiment that I'm pretty happy that they're selling the limited variant separate from all the packages.
  8. got self defense family which was all i wanted. had enough time for circa but in the minutes i was going back and forth in my head it sold out. not stressing
  9. hard to recall a time where i've been this excited for a record. order this if you haven't already.
  10. in for Mark Kozelek, stoked. all I wanted, aside from the box set, but whatever.
  11. in for the blue! might end up with two copies if bullmoose comes through. 184 copies of blue left.
  12. the ominous tweet about not being able to cover the preorders, but maybe i'm just being pessimistic. i think i placed my order after bullmoose came in and said "if you care about the music, order black" so you're probably right.
  13. yeah, i ordered a black on the first day but i'm not very hopeful. wonder if caldo will even sell them at all.