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  1. got my gallery of sound order and it’s just black vinyl... it’s not the biggest deal, but i was expecting their exclusive variant.
  2. same thing happened to me... but stoked to see bull moose might come through. personally, i wasn’t as into the memphis blues stuff, but it grew on me. i like it all now.
  3. this counter protestor / doofus who didn’t believe in wearing masks that showed up at my local BLM protests came down with COVID. https://www.facebook.com/1107858627/posts/10216492643644438/?d=n there’s pics of him all over the local pages screaming into BLM protestors’ faces. anyway, the situation sucks here in huntington beach. cases keep going up, people are getting nasty and confrontational when asked to wear a mask or keep a distance. there’s a bunch of businesses that don’t comply and now have employees testing positive. yet, since OC beaches and bars are sti
  4. i paid for that gold variant... thinking welp the whole time, too.
  5. i ordered that bundle ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i don’t really need them but could see myself using the spacer and candle so i’m ok with preordering it to get the 7”, would’ve otherwise waited. thought about that test press, too, but already sold out by the time i looked.
  6. gah. i snoozed on that blue vinyl. if anyone ordered it and decides they don’t want it, plz let me know. thx.
  7. that sucks. i live in orange county and got mine last week. (still later than i expected, but glad i at least got it safe and sound).
  8. RevHQ told me they don't get them until monday either. i'm gonna touch base with them then but it just seems that shipments are sporadic in general. being as i don't have and haven't received shipping notification regarding my flesh copy either.
  9. same. I was about to type in the 2 word captcha and then it sold out. got glass house and roxy tickets through pre sale though, so it's ok.
  10. same. I was about to type in the 2 word captcha and then it sold out. got glass house and roxy tickets through pre sale though, so it's ok.
  11. exactly my thoughts. whatever, at least it's still LA 2 cups, ducks 1 and san jose 0. :-/ i'm mentally prepared already for dark days to come back. i'm sure it was huge. job security is def helpful. it's why players always leave us even for just a little bit longer elsewhere.
  12. post the vid or link to please. i didn't want to pre-order extra copies just so my husband and i could go and i'm already seeing them in june and october.
  13. kevin smith directed tonight's flash. mewes was in it for a bit, too.
  14. pulling for them or the caps. won't be mad if literally anyone else but san jose wins it though. the ducks losing was amazingly lolz. 4 division chamionships in a row along with 4 game 7 losses in a row?! geez. that's rough to watch. half of me thinks the game 7 curse gabby is carrying is hilarious, the other half feels bad for him. getzlaf and perry failed him and i honestly think they rushed gibson starting 2 yrs ago. guy is good but needs more time. switching to andersen at game 3 was too late.

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